Avoid Summer Learning Frustrations with Balanced Assignments

I am excited to have a small handful of kids who have been using ScootPad since the school year ended. I have a weekly standing assignment for both reading and math for anytime a student happens to log in. But I want to make it more individualized for my students who are taking time from their summer to be on ScootPad. I’d like to power-punch the learning by making sure I am supporting the areas that will most benefit them.


To do this, I am looking at their reports to identify both a strength and a weakness. If I give them practices with only their weaknesses, I might frustrate or discourage them. So to keep things balanced, I am creating practice assignments that are a blend of both their areas of strength and weakness. I believe like this will allow them to be successful while also being challenged to look at topics that are more difficult for them.

For example, “Terri” has done some work on ScootPad since school ended. While looking at her report for math, I can see she struggles with money multiplication, elapsed time, and a few others. However, she is rocking in the standard ‘comparing number using place value and lines and angles,’ among others. Thus, I am selecting 5 topics that will challenge her, and 5 I already know she is successful in (see image below).

Finding the balance between challenge and success
Finding the balance between challenge and success

What are some ways you seek a balance between challenge and success?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


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