Thank You Riverside Elementary!

The ScootPad team was overjoyed to receive these beautiful, well written thank you letters from Mindy Shaw’s 5th Grade Classroom!


Mrs. Shaw is a 5th grade teacher at Riverside Elementary in Chattaroy, Washington. She is also an active member of our Teacher Advisory Board and has been using ScootPad with her classroom over the past year. We are so happy to see ScootPad is making such a big difference in her students’ learning!

We would like to share some of the kind and encouraging words with you:

“This program improved my skills both in math, and in reading.”

“When I move up a unit, it’s a challenge at first, but then I understand the concepts.”

“I thought I could never get better at math, but you guys helped me by letting us use ScootPad.”

“Thank you for helping me be a better math and reading student.”

“I have become a great learner from your program.”

“I have fun and learn at the same time.”

“Thank you guys for letting me challenge myself in the math and reading”

“You have made me feel special for going to the next level”

We want to give a final big “Thank You!” to Mrs. Shaw’s classroom! You and other students like you are the inspiration behind everything we do!

We hope ScootPad has made an impact on your classroom, too! We would love for you to share your experience with us on our “Love ScootPad” page:

Or you can write to us:

ScootPad Corporation
1551 McCarthy Blvd, Suite 114
Milpitas, CA 95035

ScootPad Team

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