Are You Psyched for Summer?

Like most schools, we are in wind down mode, getting ready to finish off the year. It’s also a time of reflection and planning, as we look ahead to planning for next fall (“Already?” you may ask…yep, already). Knowing the year is coming to a close, I know how important it is for my students to continue to work towards their learning goals, even as May turns to June. One issue is that, as much as teachers are beginning to close out the year, so are students. They know summer is coming and their investment in their learning processes is beginning to reflect that.

Knowing the shift that is happening, I decided to re-ignite interest by making a ScootPad fun day. I invited the kids to spend the first part of the class altering their “how I feel today” icons, choosing new avatars, adding some friends, sending a few shoutouts, etc. They sparked up immediately! While the hum in the room started out completely social, I noticed as the time went on it shifted.


Making it fun re-engages the learning!
Making things fun re-engages the learning!

“Which practice number are you on?”

“I’m on practice 3, but it’s for unit 7, what about you?”
“Ms. Anthony, if I’m doing unit 8, how many more until I get to the C unit Rodrigo is doing?”

Game on.

I will admit, I had an ulterior motive in doing this. Of course I wanted to spark some increased interest in continuing to learn through the remaining days of the school year. However, I wanted more. I know the statistics: most kids lose up to 2 months of learning over the summer. While the Summer Slide is not good for any child, children from low income homes are more at risk for even higher levels of loss.

Knowing this, my ultimate goal is to prime at least some of my students to continue using ScootPad over the summer. I plan to keep my class set up so that my students can access the learning throughout June, July, and August. As I have told them, I don’t want their brains turning to marshmallows over the summer, and what better way than by continuing to keep their learning active with our class ScootPad account?

What ways have you tried to keep your students learning over the summer?

Dr Michelle Anthony


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