Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in ScootPad Summer Program

summer ScootPad’s interactive Summer Program starts in a few days! Enroll your child now to take advantage of all the great benefits our Summer Program has to offer!


1) Prevent the “Summer Slide” 
With our specially designed summer curriculum, students will retain the previous year’s material by reviewing the past year’s core concepts.

2) Prepare Students for next grade level
Students will get a head start on the coming school year by working with new concepts from the next year’s grade level.

3) Understand Common Core Standards
Students will gain valuable experience with the Common Core Standards to help prepare them for the transition most schools will be making next school year.

4) Convenient and Self-Paced
Students will only be expected to devote around 5 hours/week to ScootPad which means they can work a little every day, or once a week.

5) Assessment Driven Insights
Monthly assessments will be given so parents can gain real-time insight into how their kids are performing all summer long!

6) Fully Managed by ScootPad
 ScootPad will carry the weight of responsibility of engaging your child this summer, so you can choose to be involved as much as you like.

7) Fun Learning Experience
While learning, kids will have access to over 250 avatars, will be able to add unlimited friends, send unlimited shoutout messages and play learning games.

8) Weekly Updates
Parents will receive weekly updates so they can easily monitor student activity and proficiency to identify improvement needs and you can even assign additional practices.

9) Motivation Tools
Kids will be motivated to learn this summer with the Summer Leaderboard where they can compare their results with other students in their grade level and work to be in the top ranking.

10) Prizes & Awards
All students will receive a ScootPad Summer Certificate, but students will also have the chance to earn 1-year free of our Silver Plan ($38 value), or a ScootPad T-Shirt if they are ranked at the top of their grade level in Reading/ELA or Math.

To learn more and enroll, please visit our Summer Page at:

If you have any questions or need help enrolling call us toll free  1-888-666-3106 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST) or send an email to

ScootPad Team

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