Using the Class Leaderboard at Home

I use ScootPad with a number of hats on.  I am a GT Teacher of an urban, linguistically diverse elementary school where many of my students are learning to speak and read English while also learning to think and reason in their new language. But I also use ScootPad as a mom at home with my own kids. l love the versatility of the program! I can use it to focus on areas of weakness, or to help my children excel at their strength.


One way I use ScootPad at home is using the leaderboard as both a motivator and a touchstone. As a parent, we often feel like what we say goes in one ear and out the other. But instead of needing to emphasize the importance of this or the benefit of that, the leaderboard does it for me! My son can see how many questions other kids are doing and getting right. He can place (and pace!) himself among his peers. As a parent, I can tell if he’s spending about as much time as the group in general on ScootPad, just to get a sense of where he falls. The motivation comes from him, instead of what may be perceived as pressure coming from me. All without me having to say a word!

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Dr. Michelle Anthony

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