Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in ScootPad Summer Program

 ScootPad's interactive Summer Program starts in a few days! Enroll your child now to take advantage of all the great benefits our Summer Program has to offer!   1) Prevent the "Summer Slide"  With our specially designed summer curriculum, students will retain the previous year's material by reviewing the past year's core concepts. 2) Prepare Students for next... Continue Reading →

Enhance Learning by Making Concepts Visual

Our second graders, like most around the nation, are building their framework of understanding around place value. Each day they have math class, where we use the Everyday Math program. They do Math Boxes and homework sheets. And if you ask them if they understand place value, they will tell you they do. Until they... Continue Reading →

Let ScootPad Help With Procedural Learning

Teachers are given too much to do, with too little time, too few resources, and too many children. And yet, everyday, we do it.  Some days better than others. With the end of the year coming up, like most schools, our school is beginning end-of-the-year assessments. The other day, a colleague approached me and showed... Continue Reading →

Moving from Procedural to Conceptual Thinking

My school uses Everyday Math at each grade level. Anyone who knows the Everyday Math program is aware that it uses In and Out Machines across grades. My students were very familiar and comfortable with In and Out Machines, until they encountered a different format of the exact same problem type in ScootPad. Maybe it... Continue Reading →

Fight the Summer Slide with ScootPad

Interested in a fun and interactive learning experience for your kids this summer? Research shows that students lose 2-3 months of grade-level equivalency during the summer months. This loss can be prevented with as little as 5 hours of work/week for students on ScootPad! ScootPad Summer Program: $49.99/3-months (1st June to 30th Aug): Keep kids engaged this... Continue Reading →

Encouraging Healthy Competition with the Class Leaderboard

Full disclosure: I have been known to avoid competition. My husband and son are extremely competitive and sometimes...well let's just say it’s not so much fun to be around them. I am amazed at how my son can turn anything into a competition: tying his shoes, helping bring in groceries from the name it,... Continue Reading →

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