ScootPad Helps Make Learning Fun at Hillsborough Elementary

gradoneschoolpictureMs. Gradone, a third grade teacher at Hillsborough Elementary School in New Jersey, shares her ‘secret weapon’ for getting students excited about learning, “ScootPad has motivated my student’s inside and outside of the classroom.” She explains further, “They are forming a community within the classroom and working their hardest to inspire each other to become the ‘class leader.'”


Hillsborough’s Challenge:

“As a teacher, I am constantly hearing the words, “I don’t like school,” or “school is boring.” My goal as a teacher is not only to teach children and see them succeed academically but to have them develop a passion for learning. This has been a constant struggle for most teachers.”

ScootPad’s Solution:HillsboroughElemStar

“ScootPad has provided the grounds to help motivate children to learn and engage them in a safe environment. ScootPad has a user friendly interface that influences children to practice their mathematics and literacy skills. Although the children are still practicing their reading and math skills while using ScootPad, the website offers much more incentives that make learning more engaging. For example, my students like to encourage each other on the class wall, create their own avatars, and earn coins by practicing in order to earn incentives and rewards. ScootPad offers incentives depending on the amount of coins earned and teachers can also input their own rewards. Students become unaware that they are actually doing “work” and that is what is contributing to their earning coins. They see participating in the assignments as fun and interactive.”

Promising Results:

“Overall, my students have become more motivated to learn. Not only do they ask to use ScootPad more often throughout the day, but they are using it at home every night. They have taken control of their own learning and their desires have exploded. They are more engaged than ever!”


To see more real-time stats about Hillsborough Elementary’s success with ScootPad, please click here:

Hillsborough Elementary (along with 30,000 other schools!) is using ScootPad. To see your school’s learning impact, click here:

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