Motivating Learning with the Class Leaderboard

With all the expectations and requirements teachers are under, is it any wonder that creativity around engaging learning can sometimes go out the window? Especially in the spring when testing season hits! I know my kids (and I!) are all pretty tested out right now, even though there are still a number of testing windows on the horizon. Keeping kids excited about learning and motivated to keep stretching themselves can sometimes feel impossible–so lean on the built in tools that ScootPad offers!  In this series, we’ll highlight some of the easy ways to keep motivation and learning high (even when your energy is low!) without any additional work for you.

ScootPad leaderboard
Student leaderboard can help motivate learning

Kids are naturally competitive. In my K-5 GT class, my students don’t care if they are in first or fifth grade, they want to be on the top of the class leaderboard. Of course, the goal is to encourage goal setting as opposed to making kids feel bad for “losing their spot,” which I’ll cover more in depth in another post.  

Having my leaderboard visible each class has been a great way to give my students encouragement, simply by saying, “Amr, look how close you are to being the top of the leaderboard. Nice job!” In fact, Bryce was our leader for most of the fall…until I began pointing out and rewarding the leader for getting or keeping the top spot. Suddenly, it was off to the races! Now, our leader shifts often, but my students’ desire to do better and strut their stuff persists!


Michelle Anthony

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