Student Achievement made possible with Teacher-Centric Focus

Many companies use adaptive learning technologies, but ScootPad stands apart by having a teacher-centric and student-achievement focus. When teachers are armed with powerful data coupled with their own knowledge about each individual student, identifying learning gaps and driving improvement can be achieved rapidly.

Teacher-Centric Learning


Unlike other programs that try to take the place of teachers, ScootPad understands the value of a teacher’s expertise and works to enhance regular teacher instruction, not replace it.

Customized Learning Paths


Teachers can play a part in and completely personalize the student learning experience by creating custom learning paths that go along with regular class curriculum and pace.

Data & Insights


At any point in time, teachers can gain insight into where students stand academically, how they have progressed, and in which areas they still need extra practice.

Data Transparency


Parents & kids can be directly involved in the learning process by having a wide range of data right at their fingertips! They can access assignment results, progress reports, and proficiency reports at all times to quickly identify gaps in learning/comprehension.




Kids can discover a new competitive nature and love for learning within themselves by having multiple ways to benchmark their progress and achievements!

ScootPad’s Teacher-Centric and Student-Achievement focus helps parents, teachers, and students:

Adjust teaching and learning methods to achieve concept mastery

Customize the learning path for individual students

Measure overall and individual progress

⇝Make learning fun with real time data and motivational tools

Work together to improve student performance

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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