Achieve 156% or better Rate of Learning

On average, students on ScootPad are achieving 156% Rate Of Learning (ROL). ScootPad’s Rate of Learning algorithms are real-time and based on data collected across multiple data points for over a million students. It represents the average pace at which students master concepts relative to their grade level.  Today's post will cover what this means... Continue Reading →

New Learning Trend Analysis Report

ScootPad's new Learning Trend Analysis report is designed to help teachers and parents monitor how a student is progressing through the standards. Today's post will go over this report and how you can use it to get deeper insights about a specific student or a standard.   See overall student progress across Math and ELA/Reading... Continue Reading →

7th grade now available on ScootPad!

We're excited to announce the availability of 7th grade on ScootPad. 7th grade Math and ELA/Reading curriculum has been built from the ground up strictly for Common Core with extensive rigor to assess higher Depth of Knowledge (DoK) like never before! Go ahead and get started with a new 7th grade classroom or assign the 7th grade... Continue Reading →

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