6th grade now available on ScootPad!

We’re excited to announce the availability of 6th grade on ScootPad. 6th grade Math and ELA/Reading curriculum has been built from the ground up strictly for Common Core with extensive rigor to assess higher Depth of Knowledge (DoK) like never before! Go ahead and get started with a new 6th grade classroom or assign the 6th grade content to your advanced 5th grade students!

6th Grade Math

Our new 6th grade math curriculum covers all 29 standards across expressions & equations, geometry, ratios & proportional relationships, statistics & probability and the number system! Over 80 dynamic and interactive concepts covering the 29 standards are now available.

Math Problem

6th Grade Reading/ELA

Our new 6th grade Reading/ELA curriculum covers all 26 standards across language, reading informational text, and reading literature! Over 40 rigorous and higher Depth of Knowledge (DoK) concepts covering the 26 standards are now available.

reading question use

 Spelling Lists, eBooks & Other Resources

40 spelling lists are now available specifically aligned to 6th grade covering Prefixes, Possessives, Connotations and much more! GRL level T-Z aligned eBooks recommended for 6th grade are available. Browse and explore all 6th grade standards, concepts and sample assessment questions using our Free Common Core ConceptBank app!

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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