Research-based Mastery Learning strategies improve student achievement

Our research page features findings that stress the positive impact of Mastery Learning strategies and how they enhance student achievement. Today’s post will cover what the research suggests and how ScootPad can help you easily achieve the desired results.

The design of ScootPad platform has been based on sound pedagogical foundations that aim to help students master the concepts quickly and effectively. ScootPad seamlessly and systematically enables a number of mastery learning techniques such as immediate feedback, remediation & improvement, real-time formative assessment etc. to accelerate student achievement.

1) Research

mastery learning

Benjamin S. Bloom’s research (download the research paper) indicates students who are engaged with Mastery Learning strategies, “achieve one standard deviation (84%) above the students learning using conventional methods.”

2) The Mastery Learning Process


ScootPad increases the rate of learning by allowing teachers to quickly identify individual learning difficulties and prescribe just-in-time remediation.

3) Evidence & Outcomes

Evidence and outcomesUsing ScootPad as a Mastery Learning tool can not only help increase students’ pace of concept mastery, but also their overall percentile ranking.

Learn more about the research findings!

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