Recommended Thanksgiving Reading

Teachers, parents, and kids alike are all anxiously awaiting the Thanksgiving holiday break. Time for turkey, stuffing, football, afternoon naps, and of course, black Friday shopping! Lesson plans may be the last thing on your mind, but you might want to consider introducing your kids to some fun Thanksgiving stories before they head home for... Continue Reading →

6th grade now available on ScootPad!

We're excited to announce the availability of 6th grade on ScootPad. 6th grade Math and ELA/Reading curriculum has been built from the ground up strictly for Common Core with extensive rigor to assess higher Depth of Knowledge (DoK) like never before! Go ahead and get started with a new 6th grade classroom or assign the 6th grade content... Continue Reading →

Research-based Mastery Learning strategies improve student achievement

Our research page features findings that stress the positive impact of Mastery Learning strategies and how they enhance student achievement. Today’s post will cover what the research suggests and how ScootPad can help you easily achieve the desired results. The design of ScootPad platform has been based on sound pedagogical foundations that aim to help students master... Continue Reading →

Make learning fun with newly added games!

We have added four new games that are fun for kids while motivating them to learn! Today’s post will cover these new games and how they enhance the learning experience. 1) Character Fall   This game will help kids learn the basics of typing and make practicing the home-row keys fun! 2) Maze Increase cognition and improve... Continue Reading →

Increase student achievement with parent engagement!

Getting parents involved with ScootPad is quick, easy, and a very important step to take! Research from National Education Association (NEA) on parent involvement over the past decade shows that students with involved parents are more likely to earn higher grades and test scores. Today’s post will focus on how teachers can effortlessly engage parents! 1) Create... Continue Reading →

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