Assessments: Measure in Real-Time!

Assess students, measure performance, and fine-tune instruction in real-time! Today’s post will cover how to gain greater insight into student proficiency through assessments on ScootPad which are modeled after the PARCC (the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) and SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium). Our content & items are built from the ground up strictly for the Common Core Standards to assess higher-order thinking skills.

1) Unlimited Assessments

Add Assessment

Add math and reading assessments as often as needed to uncover critical information about student and classroom progress.

2) Real-Time Results

Review Results

Results uncover just-in-time information to adjust your instruction and identify standards/students needing intervention & improvement.

3) Measure Growth


Compare two assessments to not only assess where students are at any one point in time, but also how much they have grown.

Using ScootPad’s Assessments, teachers can:

⇝ Gain greater understanding of students’ needs throughout the school year
⇝ Get timely information to adjust & tailor instruction
Predict student’s likely performance by end-of-year
Take action through targeted interventions before the year is over
Prepare students for success with their end-of-year assessments

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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