Engage students with GRL aligned eBooks!

Ignite your kids’ love for reading, customize student response prompts, and personalize each student’s reading experience! Today’s post will cover how you can take advantage of all the great features eBooks has to offer!

1) Self-Paced Reading

browse ebooks

Kids can get started right away with 300+ eBooks across GRL A-Z levels.

2) Adjust Reading Levels

GRL Level Chart

Each student starts off with their grade appropriate GRL reading level which you can easily adjust to YOUR personal leveling standard. Use the Reading Level Correlation Chart to review the most commonly used leveling systems.

3) Customize Student Responses

Student Response

Easily set up response prompts for students to complete after reading each eBook.

4) Track and Measure Reading Progress

Reading Summary

View a quick snapshot of each student’s reading results. Gain insight into student reading comprehension and progress.

In summary, eBooks will open the door to:

 Greater reading possibilities which will expand higher level thinking
Exposing kids to different genres (fiction, non-fiction, and more)!
Better control over quality reading materials
⇝ Monitoring and assessing reading progress
Immediate and convenient access to hundreds of eBooks all on ScootPad

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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