BOOST writing skills for your students!

Save time, energy, and your paper quota with the Online WRITING feature on ScootPad. This post covers how to add writing assignments for your students to build and enhance their creative and critical writing skills.

1) Add a New Writing Assignment


Enter in your own prompt so students know what you expect them to write about. Customize the rubric to fit YOUR criteria which helps guide students in their writing process.

2) Review Writing Submissions


Annotate, highlight and give feedback to your students in REAL-TIME. Track multiple revisions of student submissions. 

3) Grading & Feedback


It’s easy to grade using the writing rubric and common core aligned 1-5 scaleStudents see how they did overall and precisely which areas need more attention. 

4) Track Writing Proficiency


Monitor writing skills for each student across rubric criteria on a 5-point scale. Review overall writing proficiency over a specific time period.

WRITING on ScootPad enables you to:

Develop and Strengthen your students’ writing skills
Introduce different styles of writing (narrative, persuasive, and so much more)!
Annotate and drive improvement with each revision
Track and Improve Writing Proficiency
Immediately Share writing results with parents and students
Go PAPERLESS and reduce any extra hassle 

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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