Assessments: Measure in Real-Time!

Assess students, measure performance, and fine-tune instruction in real-time! Today’s post will cover how to gain greater insight into student proficiency through assessments on ScootPad which are modeled after the PARCC (the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) and SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium). Our content & items are built from the... Continue Reading →

Motivate kids with Coin Exchange!

Our new features will keep kids involved and excited about learning! Kids can now explore our newly added coin exchange where they can exchange coins for rewards, games, and wallpapers! Today’s post will cover what has been added and how to unlock these new options. 1) Coin Exchange Our new format allows kids to see their... Continue Reading →

Engage students with GRL aligned eBooks!

Ignite your kids' love for reading, customize student response prompts, and personalize each student’s reading experience! Today’s post will cover how you can take advantage of all the great features eBooks has to offer! 1) Self-Paced Reading Kids can get started right away with 300+ eBooks across GRL A-Z levels. 2) Adjust Reading Levels Each student starts... Continue Reading →

BOOST writing skills for your students!

Save time, energy, and your paper quota with the Online WRITING feature on ScootPad. This post covers how to add writing assignments for your students to build and enhance their creative and critical writing skills. 1) Add a New Writing Assignment Enter in your own prompt so students know what you expect them to write about. Customize the rubric... Continue Reading →

Improve student behaviors & engagement!

Do you spend a lot of your time in managing behaviors rather than delivering instruction? Check out our Behavior feature which helps you save time so you can do more teaching and less crowd control! In today's post let's take a look at how you can record your students' behavior, improve engagement and share behavior reports with... Continue Reading →

How to Differentiate Learning?

To all combo teachers, special ed teachers, grade level teachers, intervention teachers, home school teachers, immersed parents, and others - See how YOU can provide optimal & personalized learning for your students and drive improvement with the power of DIFFERENTIATION on ScootPad. Today's post will go over how to add and assign multiple learning paths... Continue Reading →

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