Introducing The Navigator!

Are you using all features ScootPad has to offer? In this post, let’s explore how the new NAVIGATOR feature can help you leverage ScootPad to its fullest.

The Navigator gets you anywhere on ScootPad with just one click/touch. It’s a comprehensive view of all features and options available on ScootPad. Simply click on any link to be taken right to that very page/feature.

1) Your Account & Settings


Get to all your account settings and support/help features.

2) Your Classroom & Student features


Select a classroom (teachers) or student (parents) to navigate all the classroom management, student learning and reporting features.

If you are wondering “Where can I find __________?” or “What are all the features on ScootPad?” or “I don’t know how to ______________.”, then the new Navigator is the answer! Give the navigator a try! 🙂

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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