Calling All Admins! See how you can Fully Leverage your Admin Account!

As part of our Feature Spotlight Series which highlights ScootPad features in-depth, we will cover the important features that are available to school/district administrators. If your school doesn’t already have a FREE admin account, it’ll only take a couple of minutes to sign up for one.

As the admin, there are many capabilities at the end of your fingertips! Right off the bat get a quick snapshot of your school’s metrics.


1) Personalize your school’s dedicated sign in page


Just enter in your school’s name, any instructions or greetings (optional), and save & Preview. It’s as easy as that! And speaking of ease, giving everyone at your school a 1-click access to ScootPad from your website takes just less than a minute.

2) Set up new teachers on ScootPad with just a couple of clicks


Type in the teacher’s email address and give them a password, and you’re set! We do the rest for you! The new teacher will receive an email from us with their sign in information.

3) Seamlessly set up classrooms and manage co-teacher access


You can create a new class on ScootPad and assign it to any teacher at your school. Also, grant access to co-teachers so that a class can have multiple teachers linked.

4) Manage all student accounts at your school without hassle


Bulk upload kids into your classrooms by copying & pasting from an excel or CSV file AND be able to choose specific kids to move from one class to another.

5) Quick & Simple Upgrade Process



Generate a quote at any time, fax a PO together with the quote, and credits will be added to your admin account within 24 hours. You could then apply the credits and upgrade multiple classrooms all in one sweep. Everything is ready for kids’ potential to ignite!

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

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