Back-To-School-Night: Resources To Share

We’ve made it easy for you to educate parents about ScootPad using these back-to-school-night resources. If you are new to ScootPad, please create a new classroom and enroll/add your students first. Share these resources by printing or simply forwarding this page to parents.

Introduce ScootPad


1-page Poster about ScootPad


2-page handout about ScootPad


Introduce ScootPad using this presentation.
How-It-Works Videos

For Students
6 minutes

For Parents
2 minutes
Cards & Parent Letters

Student Sign-In Cards
Under Students tab, click the “Print Student Sign-In Cards” button. For easy peel-away & sticking, print on a 2.3 x 3.3 inch name badge adhesive label paper.

Parent Invitation Letters
Under Students tab, click the “Print Parent Invitation Letters” button. You get one page per student to share with that student’s parents.

We wish you all the best for the new school year! If there is anything we can do, drop us a note from the “Support” page.

ScootPad Team

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