Summer Learning on ScootPad

Interested in a fun and interactive learning experience for your kids this summer? Research shows that students lose 2-3 months of grade-level equivalency during the summer months.

We’re excited to offer 3 unique summer options that are both affordable and convenient.

1) ScootPad Summer Program: $29.99/3-months (1st June to 30th Aug):
Specially designed curriculum to prevent the summer slide and prepare students for their next grade level. ScootPad managed program with Math, ELA/Reading & Spelling assignments for students each week. Enroll Today!

2) Continue using ScootPad w/ Silver Subscription: $3.99/month:
Students can practice any K-5 common core concepts at their own pace. Kids get access to all the fun features including 350+ avatars! Parents can customize the content or assign any concepts from grades K-5 to further engage and challenge kids.

3) Continue using ScootPad w/ Basic Subscription: $0.00/month:
Students can practice the standard K-5 common core concepts at their own pace.

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If you have any questions or need help deciding between the options, call us toll free (888) 666 – 3106 (9am-5pm PST). Enjoy ScootPad!

ScootPad Team

Note to Parents: You need a parent account on ScootPad to monitor your kid’s progress. Sign up for a free parent account today (
Note to Teachers: You can continue using ScootPad this summer. Use your existing classroom or setup a new summer classroom and enroll students.

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