New Practice & Voice/Read-Aloud Settings

We’re excited to release this new feature using which teachers and parents can personalize the practice experience for students. For example, teachers can enable “Immediate Feedback” option which provides the student real-time feedback immediately after each question. Also, we are excited to announce the availability of our “Voice/Read-Aloud” feature including the text-highlighting/follow-along capability for all K-5 grades.

Following “Practice Settings” are now available to personalize the practice experience:

practice_settingsVoice (Read-Aloud): Enable voice (read-aloud) feature for your students.
Allow One Retry: Allow one extra retry/attempt if a student’s first attempt was wrong.
Award Coins: Award coins when a student gets a question correct in the 2nd attempt.
Immediate Feedback: Enable immediate feedback when students get a question wrong. Entire practice results are always available at the end of each practice.

Voice (Read-Aloud) Feature with text-highlighting/follow-along capability

Voice feature is now available for all K-5 grades. Voice is already enabled by default for grades K and 1. Voice can be enabled for grades 2-5 with practice settings.


These advanced practice and voice settings are available to classrooms with Premium Subscription and Parents with Silver Student Subscription.

Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. Should you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.

ScootPad Team!

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