Restrict/Lock Student Access to Features

We’re excited to release this new classroom setting using which teachers can restrict/lock ScootPad features for all students or each individual student. For example, teachers can lock access to shoutouts for all students during school hours (up to 6 hours). Teachers can unlock a feature for certain students while locking it for the rest of the students.

Select a Class/Group from your dashboard, click “Class Settings” and scroll down to the section where you can change the “Student Access Settings” as shown below:


Lock a feature: For all students or specific students?

Lock a feature at the classroom level (Classroom Setting) for all students. To lock/unlock for specific students, change settings for each student individually.


This advanced setting is only available to classrooms with Premium / Premium Free Subscription.

Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. Should you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.

ScootPad Team!

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