ScootPad Updates (10th March 2013)

We are excited to announce the latest ScootPad platform updates! These updates will further engage students and encourage friendly competition.

Avatars, Friends & Shoutouts for Basic/Free Student Accounts

Students with the Basic/Free subscriptions can now choose from a limited set of avatars. Also, students with Basic/Free subscription can now add one friend and send one shoutout per day. Upgrading to Silver subscription, gives students over 350 avatars, unlimited friends and unlimited shoutouts.


Student Achievements

Student achievement dashboard showcases intrinsic rewards (badges, unit graduation, leaderboard rank etc.) and encourages them as they progress through their learning path.


Improved Class Wall Layout


New Friend Feed (For Students)


Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. Should you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.

ScootPad Team!

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