ScootPad integrates ReadSpeaker’s leading text-to-speech technology into its learning platform

Uppsala, Sweden, Mountain View, CA – February 21 2013 – ScootPad, the leading online learning platform for elementary grades and ReadSpeaker®, the leading online text-to-speech service, have teamed up to enable “voice/read-aloud” support for students on ScootPad.

ReadSpeaker’s “click & listen” feature enables all K-5 students using ScootPad’s platform to instantaneously listen to the math and reading practice questions & answers. Hearing the questions, and having each word (and/or sentence) visually highlighted at the same time, helps students improve word recognition skills and vocabulary, as well as improved reading comprehension, fluency, accuracy, and concentration.

ReadSpeaker makes online educational content more accessible to students with cognitive issues, learning difficulties, and/or vision problems. ReadSpeaker’s online text-to-speech solutions also help students who use English as a second language. Additionally, it provides multitasking opportunities for learners and portability of content to other devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

“We’re excited to partner with ReadSpeaker to seamlessly enable voice support on ScootPad across any device. The read-aloud feature has been valuable in enhancing vocabulary and comprehension for students in lower grades (K & 1st), English Language Learners (ELL) and those with special education needs.” said Bharat Kumar, ScootPad Cofounder & CEO.

“We are thrilled to be part of ScootPad’s growing platform. Adding text-to-speech capabilities to ScootPad’s math and reading lessons helps all of their K-5 students better understand, perform and succeed. The ReadSpeaker audio and highlighting features that ScootPad now offers, brings a new, useful and fun approach to learning,” said Joop Heijenrath, ReadSpeaker Cofounder and responsible for ReadSpeaker’s business operations.

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