Six Issues Resolved!

We’ve had six major issues since we launched the new/improved ScootPad on 4th Feb that we wanted to tell you about. All six issues have been resolved as summarized below.

  1. Practice generation was delayed and at times it took several minutes to have practices ready to launch. We optimized our algorithms and added more horsepower to make the practice generation run faster!
  2. Several instances of “Oops! Something unexpected happened…” errors. We reviewed our error logs and fixed all known issues. We’ve already seen these errors disappear by end of last week.
  3. Some questions were not accurate and had “X” characters in them. This was caused by an error in our content engine. We fixed the questions which had this issue.
  4. Some answers were marked “incorrect” even though the student answered them correctly. This was caused by the special characters (such as apostrophe) in the answers. We fixed this issue.
  5. Assignments unavailable for students to launch from their dashboard. We identified the issue with the migrated data and resolve this. All active/upcoming assignments are available for students.
  6. Review of Assignments showed no data submitted by students even though students did submit assignments. We resolved a bug with our code. We informed all teachers impacted by this issue with more details.

While we regret to see these issues, we’re happy that your support and cooperation helped us turn around and resolve all known issues as fast as we did. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience these issues may have caused some of you. Thanks for letting us know and as always let us know if you’re still seeing an issue.

ScootPad Team!


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