Spotlight: 2 Palo Alto Schools adapt ScootPad


We are very excited to post this special spotlight update on the two Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) schools which recently adapted ScootPad.

ScootPad team worked closely with the Barron Park Elementary School and the Lucille M Nixon Elementary School in implementing ScootPad across all K-5 classrooms for all the teachers and students. ScootPad’s iPad App is installed on all iPads for students to access their Personalized Learning environment powered by ScootPad.

“It has been a wonderful experience rolling out ScootPad from grades 1-5 at Barron Park Elementary School. The students have loved it. It is especially very good to use ScootPad App on the iPads as the students can enlarge the size of the images as needed when performing activities such as counting objects. The integration with Schoology makes it especially convenient for our school as it was easy to import the student data.” said Smita Kolhatkar (Barron Park Elementary School).

“Kids enjoy the colorful interface and the iPad app, and teachers love that it follows Common Core. Younger kids who are not reading yet can listen to the questions read to them. I heartily recommend ScootPad.” said Sarah Patanroi (Lucille M Nixon Elementary School).

“We’re very pleased with the rapid adoption and the initial feedback we received from these Palo Alto Schools.” said Bharat Kumar, ScootPad’s CEO & Co-Founder. “It took us less than 2 weeks to get both schools (about 1,000 students) up and running on ScootPad including delivering a customized teacher training & workshop. Palo Alto has been so pleased with ScootPad that they plan to implement it in more elementary schools in the coming weeks.”

We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Smita Kolhatkar and Sarah Patanroi for their leadership and vision to transform the learning environment and enable students to receive a personalized learning experience.

ScootPad Team!

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