ScootPad Updates (17th Dec 2012)

We are excited to announce the latest ScootPad updates! These updates will further simplify customizing curriculum, managing rewards, ordering from the store and much more.

One of the major changes in this release is separating the store items from the rewards. Thanks to all the teachers and parents who sent us valuable feedback and suggestions – this change limits store items strictly for purchase by parents/teachers (kids do not need to use their coins to redeem these items). Please read more about this change below and how the new store and rewards work.

Blog_Store(click image to zoom) Store – Buy Books, Supplies etc.
Parents and Teachers can buy books, school supplies and millions of other items from the store at great discounted prices. Kids can add items from the store to their wish list for parents to buy. Teachers can create lists (reading list, supplies list etc.) and instantly share the lists with parents.
blog_rewards(click image to zoom) Personalized Rewards
Teachers and Parents can add any personalized rewards such as Computer Time, Homework Pass etc. to motivate students. Students redeem their earned coins to get these rewards. Store items are NO LONGER available to be added as rewards.
blog_curriculum(click image to zoom) Teachers: Enhanced Curriculum Page
Reviewing Concepts, Adding Concepts, Moving Concepts between Units and Removing Concepts is much easier and intuitive now. Teachers can review their classroom’s Personalized Learning Path and click on any unit/subject to customize the concepts for students to practice.
blog_scratch(click image to zoom) Enhanced ScratchPad in Tablets
ScratchPad is now embedded right under the practice page (Math) in the iPad & Android apps. This helps students do their rough math calculations right in the practice page while they can clearly see the question and enter their answer without navigating out of the practice page.
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. Should you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.

ScootPad Team!


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