Introducing The Personalized Learning Path™

We are very excited to announce The Personalized Learning Path™ powered by ScootPad’s SkillsDNA™ technology.


per_learning_concepts_kid Students: Your Personalized Learning Path
Each student is very unique and the personalized learning path shows each student their very own path to achieve proficiency and enhance their learning. Students can review the concepts they are currently working on and what’s ahead in the path.
per_teacher_path Teachers: Your Classroom’s Personalized Learning Path
Teachers can fully personalize the learning path for their classroom to meet their students’ specific needs and track student progress in real-time. Find your classroom’s personalized learning path on your Reports dashboard.
per_teacher_concepts Teachers: Review & Customize Concepts
Teachers can review which concepts are currently being practiced by students and which concepts are ahead in the path. Teachers can edit the unit/pace settings and add/remove/personalize the concepts under Curriculum page.
per_parent_pah Parents: Your Child’s Personalized Learning Path
Parents can review their child’s personalized learning path and assess what they are currently working on and also what’s ahead. Find your child’s personalized learning path on your  dashboard (under parent account).
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. Should you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.Love,
ScootPad Team!


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