Spotlight: 2 Palo Alto Schools adapt ScootPad

We are very excited to post this special spotlight update on the two Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) schools which recently adapted ScootPad. ScootPad team worked closely with the Barron Park Elementary School and the Lucille M Nixon Elementary School in implementing ScootPad across all K-5 classrooms for all the teachers and students. ScootPad's iPad App is... Continue Reading →

ScootPad Updates (17th Dec 2012)

We are excited to announce the latest ScootPad updates! These updates will further simplify customizing curriculum, managing rewards, ordering from the store and much more. One of the major changes in this release is separating the store items from the rewards. Thanks to all the teachers and parents who sent us valuable feedback and suggestions... Continue Reading →

Introducing The Personalized Learning Path™

We are very excited to announce The Personalized Learning Path™ powered by ScootPad's SkillsDNA™ technology. Students: Your Personalized Learning Path Each student is very unique and the personalized learning path shows each student their very own path to achieve proficiency and enhance their learning. Students can review the concepts they are currently working on and... Continue Reading →

New Leaderboard: Top 50 Students, Classrooms, Schools & Districts

We are excited to announce the new leaderboard which now recognizes the Top 50 Students, Classrooms, Schools and Districts. Leaderboards are updated nightly to reflect the top 50 leaders based on the number of problems solved correctly over the past 7 days. Top 50 Students Top 50 students (all kids) leaderboard shows top 50 kids on... Continue Reading →

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