Create your Teacher Profile and explore your ScootPad Professional Learning Network (PLN)

We understand that a Professional Learning Network is critical to teachers for their professional success and personal satisfaction as educators.  To support you in creating your PLN, this week’s release focuses on new ways to connect, collaborate and share a bit about yourself with the ScootPad community and explore the network of educators within your school and across your school district.

Create your ScootPad Teacher profile — the first step to building your ScootPad Professional Learning Network (PLN)!

Claim your Personal Profile URL – Claim your own personal profile url (Example: Share/blog your personal profile url with your network/colleagues.

How do you use and like ScootPad? – Share your experience using ScootPad and best practices or ideas on how you implemented ScootPad in your classroom. This helps all teachers in the ScootPad community to exchange ideas and best practices to make the most out of ScootPad!

My ScootPad Impact Metrics – Watch your ScootPad impact grow with a dashboard view of your student’s activities and the resulting savings!

  • Time Saved (Hours) – See how many hours of time you saved using ScootPad! Use this time to focus on teaching and more learning opportunities for students.
  • Money Saved ($) – See how much budget/money you helped save by going digital/online with ScootPad! See “How are these metrics calculated?” to learn the approach & estimates used.
  • Trees Saved (#) – See how many trees you helped save by reducing the use of paper! You save a tree when you reduce usage by 6,666 pieces of paper.

Teachers from your School –  Connect with other teachers from your school who are on ScootPad! Exchange ideas and best practices for most effective and productive use of ScootPad.

Teachers from your District – Connect with other teachers from your school district who are on ScootPad! Learn about how other teachers in the district are using ScootPad at other schools.

Following help topics are available with instructions on how to get your teacher profile setup and get your ScootPad PLN started:

We are planning to roll-out School and District profiles shortly which demonstrate the overall usage of ScootPad and the collective impact of time saving for teachers, money saved for the schools/districts and trees saved!

We hope you find these valuable – as always, please let us know your thoughts and suggestions!

ScootPad Team!

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