Go Paperless with Homework. Save time and much needed money for your schools!

ScootPad is helping thousands of teachers go paperless with their homework! ScootPad automatically grades each homework assignment saving teachers between 1 to 2 hours each day. Students are excited and self-motivated to review and complete their homework online using their home computer or favorite mobile devices (iPads, Android etc.). Parents have full visibility (anytime and anywhere) to what’s assigned to their child and what’s due so they can work with their child in completing homework on-time.

“Scootpad is revolutionizing my homework program. Homework has always been a laborious task for me and my students. During my 15 years as an educator I have spent countless hours collecting, grading, recording and tracking down missing or late homework assignments. Scootpad has eliminated this painful process. Student work is assessed immediately and charted in a comprehensive format that is easily accessible. I hate to admit it, but the assessment provided on Scootpad is considerably more in depth and precise than any I have been able to achieve using pen and paper.” – Peter Ward, 3rd Grade Teacher, Garden Gate Elementary School, Cupertino, CA.

ScootPad is FREE and requires ZERO investment to get started. Each classroom of 20 students can save an estimated $10,000 per year by switching to ScootPad! Learn more.

Key Features of ScootPad Homework Module:
1) Easy to assign & review homework
Assign homework tasks including Math practice, Reading practice, Spelling practice, Reading log & Custom tasks/projects. Specify a due date and add students with just a few clicks. Students instantly see homework in their account ready for them to get started.
  2) Reading Log
Assign reading activities to students. Students submit reading log entries and any required written response comments/narrative. Teachers review reading log entries and provide feedback which is available for students right away.
3) Spelling Practice
Teachers can define their own word list. ScootPad has over 6 million unique words with multiple pronunciations. Students listen to the words, enter the spelling and ScootPad provides immediate feedback on incorrect spelling words. Students can take unlimited number of spelling practices.
4) Custom Projects & Tasks
Teachers can define any custom projects or tasks (example: Book Report, Letter Journal, Special Project etc.). Students review the custom task assigned, complete the task and submit requested details. Teachers review and provide feedback including any grades/points.
Join the thousands of teachers who are switching to ScootPad each day to save their valuable time and much needed money for their schools/districts!

ScootPad Team!

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