Major improvements: Voice support, Practice performance, Homework submission and more!

Thank you all for your suggestions and requests. We are excited to update you about the availability of the following major improvements/features:

1) Enhanced Voice Support (IE browser now supported including IE9)
Voice (question read-aloud) feature has been enhanced and is now supported in Internet Explorer (IE) browser. Sound quality and reliability across all browsers and platforms has been enhanced. Voice support is currently available for grades K and 1st in both Math and Reading.
2) Improved Practice Performance
Practice generation (real-time) and submission process improved. Students can click “Generate Practice” button to request a new practice and within few seconds a personalized practice will be generated and ready for them to launch. This practice generation and launch process is applicable to all grades and subjects.
3) Improved Homework Submission & Spelling Practice
Improved Homework review and submission process for students. Voice/Audio feature for spelling practice has been enhanced (IE9 browser is also supported now). Submitting a spelling practice or a reading log will be much easier both online and on mobile devices.
Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions. Should you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to write to us at

ScootPad Team!

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