Back to School with ScootPad (2012-2013)

We are very excited to kickoff the new 2012-2013 school year and look forward to making ScootPad a valuable resource for teachers, parents & students!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated release of ScootPad with a ton of features and improvements! Our team has reviewed every single feedback email and feature request received and we feel confident that we have met most if not all the requests. Please take a moment to review the list of new features and improvements released in this launch:

1) All Elementary Grades (K-5) Now Available! K, 4 and 5 grades have been introduced this year.


2) ConceptBANK™ – Our Common Core Standards App helps you easily navigate the Common Core Standards, understand the underlying concepts and review sample practice questions. To launch the app, visit Curriculum Page.

3) Enhanced & expanded Common Core Standards based curriculum is now available for all K-5 grades in ScootPad. All existing classrooms and students have been assigned this new content/curriculum. Any historical practice data and progress metrics associated with the old curriculum will no longer be available. All students/kids start fresh with the new curriculum in Unit 1. Teachers can fully customize their classroom curriculum by going to the curriculum page from their dashboard. Teachers / Parents can go ahead and move their kids to other advanced Units (if necessary).

4) Voice support now available for Grades K and 1st. Students can hear the questions using the voice/read-aloud feature. Chrome and Safari browsers are recommended if you need the voice support (support for other browsers will be released shortly).

5) Paperless Homework! New Homework Assignment module now available. Teachers / Parents can setup homework tasks including Math practice, Reading practice, Spelling practice, Reading log etc. and Students can complete and submit homework all in one place on ScootPad! Go Green! We expect each teacher to save over $10k/year/classroom by switching to ScootPad and going paper less! Learn more about how you can save time, money and the world!

6) Free ScootPad App for iPads, Android tablets, Kindle Fire and other devices is currently in testing with our App Store partners (Apple, Google etc.). We hope to release the Free app to all app stores in the next 2 weeks.

7) Unlimited, Real-Time & Automated Practice generation. Practices will be auto-generated in real-time with SkillsDNA™ based adaptive personalization. Students will see immediate feedback to their answers and will have the opportunity to retry their answers if incorrect. Students will be thrilled with the fireworks display at the end of each practice (if they achieve 90% or greater result).

Several other improvements across ScootPad were also deployed to improve user experience for teachers, parents and students. Please continue to provide us your valuable feedback and suggestions – we greatly appreciate it! Should you have questions or need further assistance/support with making the most out of ScootPad, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to

ScootPad Team

P.S: If you use and love ScootPad, now help others discover ScootPad! Spread the word to others teachers in your school/district, parents and friends. Sharing is caring, after all 🙂

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