New Feature for Teachers: Reset All Students’ SignIn Passwords

Teachers can now reset all students' passwords with just one click! Visit the Students page of your Class/Group and Click the Reset All Passwords button (as shown above). Choose a password (4-10 alphanumeric characters) and click Reset. This instantly resets the password for ALL students in the class/group. Also, using the existing update student feature,... Continue Reading →

New Features for Teachers: Print Student SignIn Cards and Change Wall Post Settings

Following new features are now available for teachers: 1) Print Student SignIn Cards & Invitation Letters From the Students page of your class, you can print student signin cards for all students. You can also print Invitation Letters for all students making it easy for students & parents to gain ScootPad access.   2) Classroom... Continue Reading →

Back to School with ScootPad (2012-2013)

We are very excited to kickoff the new 2012-2013 school year and look forward to making ScootPad a valuable resource for teachers, parents & students! We are pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated release of ScootPad with a ton of features and improvements! Our team has reviewed every single feedback email and... Continue Reading →

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