Back to School 2012-13: What to expect from ScootPad?

Thank you all for making 2011-12 school year such a memorable and rewarding experience! We are looking forward to an exciting 2012-13 school year. Over the past 3 months, ScootPad team has been focused on developing many major improvements to ScootPad (primarily driven by requests we received from hundreds of teachers and parents). See below... Continue Reading →

Teacher Spotlight: Kate Bailin, 2nd Grade Teacher, Ohio.

Excerpts from Technology Tailgate and EduKate & Inspire Blogs: Scootpad: Great Common Core Practice Site!  Today's blog is about a new website that has been flying under the radar! 1)  It's free. 2)  There are no ads. {this is a huge plus for any site I use with my class!!} 3)  Students can sign on from... Continue Reading →

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