Stanford Univ. Research & Recommendations about Homework (Quantity vs. Quality)

Challenge Success, a non-profit organization established at the Stanford University School of Education, announced the release of its homework white paper titled “Changing the Conversation About Homework from Quantity and Achievement To Quality and Engagement.” Download this white paper

#1 Recommendation for Teachers (see page 6 of the white paper):
Make sure homework is developmentally appropriate, differentiated, and able to be done independently. It is a challenge to design homework assignments that meet individual
children’s academic and developmental needs, but, when homework is too hard or too easy, it may have a detrimental effect. Teachers should strive for the “just-right” challenge for each student, and should ensure that homework is “do-able” without the need for outside help from a parent, peer or tutor. Having students get started on homework in class may help teachers assess whether or not it is do-able and appropriate.

How does ScootPad help teachers implement this recommendation?
Our SkillsDNA™ adaptive personalization technology delivers continuously personalized and self-paced practices tailored to each student’s specific learning needs – fully automated with no intervention required by the teacher/parent.
Result: Each practice/homework is just-right and do-able for every student! To learn more, visit ScootPad for Teachers

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