Major Improvements for Parents

You Asked, We Delivered! We reviewed every single feedback, request & suggestion we received from hundreds of parents around the world. We are excited to release several major improvements & features for parents as outlined below:

Sign In/Sign Up via Email or Facebook or Google!
Simplified the Sign In and Sign Up Process
Google Sign Up & Sign In Enabled (One Click to sign up or sign in using your existing Google account)
New Account Activation Wizard – Getting started with ScootPad got simpler
Improved Dashboard: Easy Navigation!
Improved dashboard with 360 degree insight into kids overall progress in Math & Reading
Left navigation consistent across all pages
Kids recent practice activity is under news feed
All reports can be launched from dashboard with just one click
All stats are in one place: Accuracy, # Problems, Time Spent, Coins etc.
Kids Settings: All settings in one place!
All kid’s settings are now under one Settings page
Student access code for multiple parent access
Change kid’s grade or reset their password with just one click
Proficiency Settings: Customize to your child’s needs
Move your kids to necessary units (at or above proficiency level)
Customize proficiency settings in Math
Customize proficiency settings in Reading
Comprehensive Progress Report: Full Concept Proficiency Snapshot
All concepts practiced are listed showing current proficiency (proficient, needs improvement, still practicing)
Teachers and Parents see the same level of detail – easier parent teacher collaboration
Kids also see the same comprehensive progress report (no surprises)
Rewards Redeemed Report: Stay up-to-date with the rewards redeemed
Under Rewards, find “Rewards Redeemed Report”
Rewards redeemed by kids in the past 30 days will be available in this report

We hope these improvements and features improve parents’ ScootPad user experience. Please send us any further feedback and recommendations to We are committed to continuously improving ScootPad for Teachers, Kids & Parents!

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