ScootPad made spring break more fun…

We are very excited to share this feedback from a 3rd grade student about his experience during spring break and how ScootPad made it more fun and spectacular!

“I did several activities over Spring Break, but these fantastic ones are unforgettable. First, I went to watch the breathtaking movie, Chimpanzee, based on a little and cute chimp, Oscar. It was mind blowing watching him jumping and swinging on the branches of a beautiful rainforest. Next, swimming with my buddies was exciting and very enjoyable. When the cool water splashed on my sweaty face, I felt refreshed. Last but not least, it was incredible working on Scootpad during this extraordinary break. After earning a lot of precious badges, I started hopping and dancing filled with glee. Indeed, I had a spectacular and fun filled Spring Break.”

Please share your experience and stories with us (!

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