Major Improvements for Kids Launched

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful feedback and suggestions. In a series of improvements planned, we are very excited to launch major improvements & features for kids as outlined below:

Improved Dashboard: Easy Navigation!
Improved dashboard & one click to launch a practice
Fixed left navigation consistent across all pages
Sanpshot of badges earned right on the dashboard
Quick stats for each subject: Accuracy %, Problems Solved & # Practices
Easy to review/change Status and Likes
Status/Mood: Let your friends know how you feel!
Fun & Engaging Status/Mood update
Let your friends know how you feel today
Positive Mood statuses such as happy, laughing, rocking etc.
Check how your friends are feeling today
Likes: Track how many likes you get!
Like is similar to “high-five” or “thumbs-up” in real world
Track how many likes you get
Be generous, give some Likes to your friends
News Feed: Get to know what your friends are upto!
News Feed is a running log of yours and your friend’s news/updates
Check what your friends are upto
Its fun when you learn and compete with your friends
Improved Profile: Get to know your friends up close!
Profile page has been expanded & improved
Get to know your friends up close
Like your friends by clicking on “Like”
Proficiency: Comprehensive proficiency snapshot!
Quick and clear proficiency snapshot for your current unit
One click from your dashboard gets you to check your proficiency
Check concepts you are proficient in and which need more practice
Leaderboard: ScootPad Top 50 Kids & Classrooms!
Leaderboard shows the Top 50 Kids and Classrooms across ScootPad
Practice more and rise to the top of the leaderboard
Help your classroom rise to the top of the leaderboard

Please send your feedback and recommendations to – we are committed to continuously improving ScootPad for Teachers, Kids & Parents!

ScootPad Team

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