ScootPad curriculum is 100% aligned with Common Core Standards

The Common Core Standards provide clear and detailed guidelines for what American students are expected to learn. The Common Core Standards were introduced in 2010. Currently, 44 states are working to implement the standards by the 2013-2014 school year.

Before the introduction of the Common Core Standards, each state had individual content standards. Some state standards were more rigorous or more detailed than others. With the adoption of the Common Core, all American students will be held to the same high standards. The standards were designed to help students achieve success in both college and careers.

The Scootpad curriculum is 100% aligned with the Common Core Standards, which means that using Scootpad will enable your child to practice the same content that they are learning in school. This will prepare your child for success in the classroom, on standardized tests and beyond.

For more information about the Common Core Standards, check out this article:

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