Happy Holidays! Don’t let this winter break be a “slide” in your child’s learning

We hope that you are enjoying some time off with your family during this winter break. After four months of working hard in school, kids deserve some rest and relaxation. Researchers and educators have known about the “summer slide” for a long time. The summer slide happens when kids have so much time off from school that they forget much of what they have learned over the course of the school year. Teachers often spend the first month of school re-teaching material in order to catch kids up to where they need to be.

This slide in learning doesn’t just happen over the summer; it can happen over shorter breaks too. In order to keep your child on track, have them practice math and reading over this winter break. Using Scootpad is a fun and engaging way to motivate your child to practice math and reading. Scootpad also makes it easy for you to track your child’s progress and making sure your child’s learning is not “sliding”.

We hope your family enjoys a restorative break full of fun, adventure and learning. Happy holidays from the entire Scootpad team!

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