Happy Holidays! Don’t let this winter break be a “slide” in your child’s learning

We hope that you are enjoying some time off with your family during this winter break. After four months of working hard in school, kids deserve some rest and relaxation. Researchers and educators have known about the “summer slide” for a long time. The summer slide happens when kids have so much time off from... Continue Reading →

Parent involvement drives child’s success

Parent involvement is the most accurate predictor of a child’s success in school. Many parents want to be involved in their child’s education, but simply don’t know how. These three steps can make a big difference: Value learning. Ask your child about what he/she is learning at school. Encourage your child to be curious and... Continue Reading →

Are your kids self-motivated to learn?

Help your child become self-motivated by using these tips: Give positive and specific feedback. Scootpad helps you to clearly identify your kid’s areas of strength and improvement. Be present and engaged in what your children are learning. Ask your children to talk about what they are learning in school and what interests them. Using Scootpad,... Continue Reading →

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