Homework Tips for Parents!

ScootPad can be a great tool for helping your kids practice math and reading in an engaging online platform. However, in addition to using ScootPad, your child surely has weekly homework that he or she needs to complete. Sometimes homework can be a struggle for children to finish, especially after a long day at school. If homework is becoming a battle, use the following tips to help make homework a more pleasant experience:

  • Give your child a break. Don’t start homework right after school. Allow your child to take some time to play, spend time outside or have a snack. Ideally, give your child a small break and then start homework before dinner. Aim to have all homework finished by dinnertime.
  • Break homework into small chunks. If your child has a weekly homework packet, decide which parts will be completed each night. If your child has nightly homework, plan time for small breaks while your child works. Give your child specific praise about what he or she is doing well. When your child struggles, praise his or her effort.
  • Work together on homework. Homework is not a time for solitary practice. It is also a time for families to communicate and learn about what their children are learning in school. Take this opportunity to have your child explain what he or she has been studying. Make homework time a time when you are completely focused on your child.
  • Be consistent. Make a plan about where and when homework will be completed. Then stick to the plan.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on the road to a happier homework experience!

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