Happy Halloween from ScootPad!

We wish you merry trick-or-treating and potentially spooky concept mastery this weekend! We have planned our costume all year long: Concept 4.NF.B.3b….because decomposing fractions is spooky!

Halloween image

Everyone have fun and be safe this weekend! Use the sugar rush to master concepts, or settle down with an eBook!

ScootPad Team


Introducing the World’s First Next-Generation Open Assessment Platform

We’re super excited to announce the availability of our next-generation open assessment platform dubbed “Assessments 2.0”. Assessments 2.0 is the world’s first open assessment platform for educators to easily create and share innovative technology enhanced assessment content. Build technology-enhanced assessments targeted to meet your specific needs across the curriculum, in Math, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Here is what you should know:

1) 50+ innovative technology enhanced item types are currently available on the platform – the same kind that students will see in their next-generation assessments. Play with these 50+ item types online.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 4.15.49 PM

2) It’s an open platform, meaning teachers can now create, curate, and share their content with the ScootPad community. It’s simple and easy – we’re here to help. Watch the 1 minute videos showing you how to create questions using each of the 50+ formats (Here is a sample video on how to create a drag and drop type question).

3. Question Bank: Search for questions in the Question Bank or create your own questions. Choose the best questions based on community feedback (most used and most liked). Make sure to Like or Flag questions, which will benefit everyone.

4. Assessment Bank: Search for assessments in the Assessment Bank or create your own assessments choosing the questions you like. Choose the best assessments based on community feedback (most used and most liked). Make sure to Like or Flag assessments, which will benefit everyone.

5. Assessment Generator: Alternatively, you can automatically generate assessments by simply selecting the standards you like. Our generator will choose the best available questions for your assessment.

6. Assessment Results: Get access to the real-time assessment results by Student, by Standard and by Question.

Get started with an assessment for your students, unlimited and as frequent as you like, and experience the power of the advanced technology-enhanced assessments made possible by the content created, curated and shared by educators just like you. Also, here are step-by-step instructions to help you get started.

As always, we love to hear your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team


Feature highlight: Questions about content?

Did you know….You can reach out directly to our content team!

Ever have a question about a question? A conundrum with our content? You can report content issues directly to our fabulous and knowledgeable content team so that they can take a look at the exact question, student, task, and standard!

Whether it be a problem you see with standard alignment, functionality, or the answer is inaccurate…you can report issues using the “Report a mistake in this question option under each question while reviewing results.

blog - edited report question 3

Click on that link and include any and all details about the issue, and it will send a request to our Content Team!

Here is a step by step guide from our help center on how to view and report content issues: https://scootpad.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/677311-how-do-i-report-an-issue-with-content

ScootPad Team


Download the updated ScootPad App

In case you didn’t already know, the ScootPad App is available for download (Free) on the iPad, Android, Kindle, and Windows tablets.

In the newly released version, we’ve improved the user interface, fixed the orientation to landscape, fixed some bugs, and improved the overall performance. And because the sign-in process has been improved on ALL platforms, your login id is now remembered on your mobile devices. We also have a sweet, new icon for the app.

Check us out in store!



ScootPad Team


New Homepage: Super Simple & Intuitive!

We just launched our new homepage with an entirely new design. Boasting a simple yet colorful theme, ScootPad.com is now more engaging and easier to navigate than ever. Here’s a quick walk through of the changes we’ve made.


1. We’ve reorganized our features and information all on the Solution page to make it a more intuitive experience.


2. You can find detailed information about the technology that powers the ScootPad platform by visiting our Platform page. Read up on the research behind ScootPad, what makes us adaptive, how we scale on different devices, and our bank-grade security.


3. We make our pricing transparent and simple. So, we revamped our pricing page to better reflect it. Not sure which plan is best for you? Don’t worry, we have them side-by-side for you to easily compare. On the Pricing page, click on Learn More under Plans. Select the term (1 month, 1 year etc.) and watch the prices dynamically update. You can also download your quote from this page.


4. Inspired by the number of requests we receive, we’ve spent over 100 hours to assemble a product comparison chart to help you easily compare ScootPad side-by-side with other products. This should help you make the best decision for you and your students. Check out our comparison page. Use the toggle at the top to filter products by price range or just click a product logo to compare it side by side with ScootPad. Go for it, we’re not afraid of a little bit of competition.


5. We receive a steady flow of user feedback each day and we think it’s important to share it with our users. Sit back and watch comments from the ScootPad community chime in from all over the world and read what others have to say about us on the Results page. You’ll also find links to the rate of learning, the impact ScootPad is making, which schools are leading the Learnathons, and insightful case studies.

6. Last but not least, the sign-in process has been improved. Remember how you would have to access ScootPad’s homepage first to get to the sign-in page? Now, if you are already a user on ScootPad, you’ll be directed from the homepage straight to the sign-in page because, well, that’s one less click for you. ;)


Explore our new look for yourself! Feel free to reach out and let us know what you think. There is always room for improvement and we always welcome your feedback and suggestions.

ScootPad Team


We’re Sorry: Brief ScootPad Site Slowness

You might have noticed brief moments of slowness while using ScootPad – especially the past few days between 9AM-11AM PST. We definitely felt your pain. Rest assured, our engineering team is aware of this issue and has been working around the clock to prevent this from happening in the future. We understand that all of you — teachers, students, admins and parents — place an enormous amount of trust in us and we cannot be more grateful and appreciative of your support. That said, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this week.

superhero tech owl

We strive to make 24×7 non-stop learning possible with our mission-critical reliability and 99.9% uptime guarantee. That’s roughly 31536 seconds of downtime per year! While we kept that promise and exceeded 99.9% availability over the years, we are taking this opportunity to further increase our cloud infrastructure resources, processes, monitoring, and alerts. We are committed to being the reliable service that you have grown to love over the past few years, and for those of you who are new to ScootPad, we look forward to becoming the system you love.

Thank you all for your support! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

Bharat Kumar
CEO & Co-Founder

The ScootPad Team Hosts a Workshop at Silver Oak Elementary School in San Jose, CA

Earlier today, the ScootPad team had the pleasure of hosting a workshop at Silver Oak Elementary School in San Jose, California. We gave them the 101 on ScootPad and by the end of the workshop, we had teachers already getting started with their account. We also received a lot of great feedback and enjoyed our face time with educators!

FullSizeRender (1)

ScootPad’s CEO and co-founder, Bharat, presenting to teachers and admins.

FullSizeRender (2)

The attendees got some goodies! Look at those smiles.

Thanks Silver Oak Elementary School for having us!

ScootPad Team


Get ScootPad Free Through ScootPad Fundraiser!

Hey admins and teachers, quickly set up and customize your own ScootPad Fundraiser page to help seamlessly raise funds for an Ultra Premium License!

All you have to do is set a goal amount, then share the page with friends and family. Each donation goes straight into your ScootPad credit balance, so there is no middleman. You can track your donations in real-time, including how much you’ve raised and how many donors you have so far. We’ll help you spread the word by providing ready-made flyers and links to share your fundraiser page on social media, as well as your own website.

Convinced yet? Think about it this way:  If a classroom has 30 students and each student’s parent chipped in a one-time payment of $7, that’s enough for an entire year of ScootPad’s Ultra Premium License! Not too bad of a plan, eh?

Check out this elementary teacher from Maryland, Donna Spriggs Missouri, who was able to bring ScootPad Ultra Premium into her classroom by setting up her own ScootPad Fundraiser page:


Learn more about how you can to get started on your ScootPad Fundraiser today by clicking here. For any other topics, check out our Help Center. Also, feel free to start a live chat with us or shoot us an email at support@scootpad.com or call us at 1-800-994-0706.

ScootPad Team


Introducing Our New and Improved “truly” Adaptive Placement Tests

Good news teachers! Our Adaptive Placement Test feature has gotten a major facelift with several new capabilities and improvements. Welcome to our new placement test report which shows you all the important insights about how students performed in the placement test down to the exact number of questions in each concept tested. In this new release, we’ve also added new capabilities such as auto-assignment of placement tests and ability to assign placement tests in any grade level right from within the placement test page.

Insightful Placement Test Report

Our adaptive placement test generates a real-time report showing you a breakdown of how a student performed on each concept within each unit – always available for you – not just after a student is done with the placement test but even while a student is currently working on the placement test. Pie chart at the top summarizes the results showing you an overall proficiency coupled with color coded units with the number of concepts in each and indicating a pass or fail.

Auto-Assign Placement Tests

Auto assign placement
Leave the placement test assignment to ScootPad! This new setting under Math and ELA allows you to have ScootPad automatically assign placement tests. Whenever you enroll a new student or change one’s learning path, ScootPad will automatically assign a placement test for that student so they can be placed in the appropriate unit on their learning path.

Placement Test for any grade level

Want to test your students on what they learnt last year? No Problem! Assign a placement test for the grade level you want, right from the placement test page with just 2-clicks! This will move students to that learning path and assigns a placement test for them to launch from their dashboard right away.

You can use the Placement Test at any time during the school year to quickly re-assess how your students are doing and how far they really moved along on their learning path – you can even challenge them with a reward (example: who ever places in the highest unit gets a candy). Well, you get the idea :).

Want to learn more about our Placement test feature and how to use it? Visit our Help Center to follow step-by-step instructions. Or, feel free to start a Live Chat with us, email us at support@scootpad.com, or give us a call at 1-800-994-0706.

ScootPad Team


Huntsville City Schools Finds Success With ScootPad and Extends License

We’re pleased to announce that Huntsville City Schools renewed their ScootPad district-wide license for the 2015-2016 school year, enabling personalized learning for each and every student while preparing them for the high-stakes assessments.

Huntsville City Schools, one of the premier school districts in the state of Alabama serving over 23,000 students, started using ScootPad back in April 2014. Huntsville City District administrators were able to run usage and proficiency reports district-wide for 2014-2015 school year to ascertain measurable results and impact ScootPad has delivered.

“Now, we can give pre and post tests to students to determine mastery and learning that has taken place. Reading, eBooks, Math, Spelling, Behavior Tracking are all on one dashboard – everything needed to manage student learning in one place” said Elena Lee, Math Coach at Huntsville City Schools, on behalf of the district’s experience with ScootPad.

Check out the full Huntsville City Schools Case Study for more details.

ScootPad Team


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