ScootPad Presents: The Global Learnathon

learnation_image Hey ScootPad Users!

Have you checked out the Global Learnathon yet?
What is it, anyway?

The Global Learnathon:  a weekly competition where classrooms, schools, and districts, compete based on their students Math and ELA practice scores. The best part is, your students can improve rankings as they complete their practices, in real-time!

  • Everyone is automatically enrolled in the Global Learnathon
  • Classrooms compete to be ranked as top 3 in their school
  • Schools and districts compete to be ranked as top 100 globally
  • The Learnathon ends every Sunday at midnight (GMT) and winners are announced immediately
  • Winners can download their awards by going to the Hall of Fame

Take a look at this short video and see how it works.

Get started with the Learnathon and watch your students excel on a global scale.

ScootPad Team

Introducing: Global Learnathon, My School Community, & The Ambassador Program

Greetings ScootPad users and fellow blog readers,

We couldn’t hold in the BIG news any longer! Although we are launching the brand new Global Learnathon, My School Community, and Ambassador Program on the week of March 2nd, we wanted to give you all a preview of the exciting new features!! 

Global Learnathon
learnathon_icon Climb Up The Ranks! 
Districts, schools, and classrooms compete for the top rankings, all based on the number of problems their students’ solve on ScootPad
HOF Shine In All Your ScootPad Glory!
Is your classroom ranked in the Top 3 at your school? Did your school or district get ranked on Top 100 globally? Admire your achievement in the Hall of Fame, and accept your prize!
My School Community
community Get Connected!
Connect with other teachers and administrators using ScootPad at your school. Collaborate and learn how best to implement ScootPad.
stories2 Write About It!
Share your experience and inspire teachers in your district and the rest of the world! Share tips that worked for you and get valuable insights and best practices from other teachers.
map Find Other Schools using ScootPad!
Find near by schools in your city, district or state that are also on ScootPad.
ScootPad Ambassador Program
refer Get ScootPad, FREE!
Share ScootPad with other teachers. For every teacher that you refer, you and that teacher will receive one FREE month of ScootPad! (a $20 value each!)
ambassador Make an impact!
We are on a mission to provide personalized learning for anyone, anywhere, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help. Refer 10 or more teachers and get recognized as a ScootPad Ambassador.
Look out for these features on the week of March 2nd! Once they are live, we will have plenty of help articles and blog posts to walk you through them. Please share this post with your fellow teachers, to spread the exciting news!
Team ScootPad

Teachers, Parents, & Students can Access Reports!

ScootPad makes it easier than ever to review student progress and share student achievements! Real-time reports are available from all accounts (teacher, parent & student)!

Teacher View

  • Select a subject (from the left) for the report you would like to see
  • Click reports
  • Click on advanced reports and browse through the various reports, you can print and share these reports!

Here is the teacher view of the class math reports dashboard.

The Mastery Progress Report is a great resource to send parents updates of their students progress in all the common core concepts


Student/Parent View

Here is the Math reports dashboard for Jane (student). She can look at her Mastery Trend and browse through the different reports to see where she stands with her common core concepts.

  • Choose a subject from the left
  • You will see your Mastery Trend and  proficiency percentage
  • Click on Advanced Reports and select the report you would like to see


* Parents with an at-home learning zone can review reports by selecting the “At-Home Learning Zone” from their parent dashboard

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

New Ways to Unlock Hidden Potential

I think sometimes we are overly cautious when it comes to learning. There is good reason for this cautiousness, as some students do best when walked carefully along the path of incremental success, but become bored at this slower pace. Thus, sometimes I wonder if we don’t give children enough opportunity to face new learning, especially with math.grade_A

A student of mine was finishing up second grade math, so I graduated him to 3rd grade math for his summer practice. I adjusted the learning path to 3rd grade, but I forgot to change the unit placement to Unit 1. Thus, he was actually placed on the Comprehensive unit of 3rd grade, material he’s never been taught before! He was 3 practices in before I realized my mistake. However, he was doing great, with an average score of 95% on his practices.

I realized he was using his mathematical intuition and sense of numerical understanding to attack these challenging new problems. And I am reminded that sometimes, when cast into the open waters, children simply figure out how to swim.

Have any happy mistakes helped you realize new things about your students?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


Go Green and Assign a Practice!

Passing out homework, grading assignments, and preparing assessments, that sounds like a lot of paper being used and time spent!

Over 150,000 teachers have saved over 5,000 trees (that’s at least one forest!) by leveraging ScootPad in their classrooms.

green_treeBeing good to the environment isn’t all we have to offer. We know it takes time to reteach concepts and prepare review worksheets for your students.
ScootPad takes care of all this for you by providing automated and adaptive assignments and assessments that will focus on each specific student, and guide them all to concept mastery.

Almost 600,000 hours of teacher time has been saved by all our teachers, giving them time to focus on other important things, like curriculum development and adjustments, and student one-on-one time.

So go ahead and assign a practice on ScootPad. Our interactive and technology-enhanced questions are sure to keep your students engaged and motivated.


What is your impact on student learning, cost saving, and the environment? Measure your impact using ScootPad!


ScootPad Team


Your Best Tool for Parent Teacher Conferences

This year, I’m excited to have the mastery progress report to share with parents. ScootPad puts together all the real-time data, while all I do is click print!

I like having transparent data to share with the teachers for the parents. I work with over 90 students, and thus it is not possible for me to be at every conference, but I can virtually be there by providing a comprehensive snapshot for teachers to share with parents.

I love when I have such green reports to share!

Sharing student successes is always fun at conferences!

Sharing student successes is always fun at conferences!

Sometimes, the news is trickier to share, but no less important.

Even sharing student struggles is easier with visuals

Even sharing student struggles is easier with visuals


Many teachers share student work at conferences, and the mastery progress report is one very important tool in their tool belt. More than paragraphs and rubrics which can sometimes overwhelm parents, the simple and clear visuals of the progress report can help parents literally see where their child is relative to each standard. It shows which specific concepts their students need to work on and which concepts are a breeze.

If you’re not sure how to run a mastery progress report, click here for details:

How do you present information at parent conferences?


Dr. Michelle Anthony

Getting Cozy, Learning with ScootPad

One of my main goals as a GT teacher is to engage my advanced students in thinking and learning. I’m not above any method that will hook them. In my class, we use a gamification platform to support the notion that we start knowing nothing and we move up the levels to greater and greater mastery. I have Hokki chairs in my class to helps kids move and wiggle while doing their ScootPad practices and games.

classroom_learningSo I was wondering what to add this year to augment my tools. More Hokki chairs? A new gamification platform? I was pondering the possibilities when I went on a field trip with my son’s 2nd grade class on Friday. They are studying communities and so we took a walking field trip to a number of nearby businesses. And that’s where I saw them: the new tool in my arsenal of keeping kids engaged and interested while learning: My study stations! “Study Buddy Stations” I have dubbed them.

There, on the showroom floor, were the simplest of circle seats. What a perfect way to encourage kids to snuggle down in the chair and pull over a Chromebook to do a ScootPad practice or two! How do you set up your classroom for ScootPad practice?



Dr. Michelle Anthony

Introducing: Weekly Snapshots!

Our weekly snapshots will keep you (teachers, administrators, and parents) up to date with your students’ learning activity from the past week while providing you with your students’ future tasks to be completed.

You can also decide which day to have your snapshots sent out, click here to learn how:

We hope this helps you stay on top of things!

The Power of Sibling Rivalry

Those of you with more than one child know it all too well. That competitive streak between siblings that will drive you nuts when it rears its ugly head. If your kids are anything like mine, they get along wonderfully, most of the time. But then, suddenly, as if from nowhere, they can’t even be in the same room together! While parents deal with this as a matter of course at home, it is always a challenge when it distracts from a teacher’s job in the classroom.

sibling_rivalryBeing a GT teacher, I often work with siblings in the same grade (twins) or in different grades. Even being part of different groups doesn’t always prevent sibling rivalry. For example, Sanaya and Ronan are sister and brother; Sanaya is in 3rd grade and Ronan is in first. The competition between them is fierce–each is always trying to prove they are better than the other.

When the two have tried to “prove to me” who is better, I have simply told them that their work speaks for itself. To my surprise, they took me literally and began putting their competitive spirit into their ScootPad practices. When I looked at the leaderboard, the other day, I was amused to see the fruits of their labor: Sanaya was leading Ronan on the Math leaderboard, while Ronan had her edged out on the Reading leaderboard. I guess sibling rivalry isn’t all bad!

What ways have you discovered to best channel sibling rivalry?


Dr. Michelle Anthony


ScootPad’s New Video Tours

Hey ScootPad Users!

To make life just a little easier for you, we’ve created video tours for each of our features.

On the ScootPad home page, you’ll see the “tour” button at the top right, once you click on it, you will have access to all our feature tours!


The ScootPad video overview will give you a brief explanation of our platform and what we offer.



These brief one to two minute clips will give you a nice breakdown of each feature and how it works.

Feel free to share these videos with your friends!


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