How-To Videos Now Available!

We have created a number of video resources for teachers, parents, and admins to get familiar with how ScootPad works. Watch a quick (2-5 min) video to get started using your account and then check out some of the how-to videos of each feature!

Quick Getting Started Videos For:

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Launch videos with 1-click


All how-to videos are easily accessible from the specific pages within your ScootPad account (dashboard, roster page, assignments page, assessments page, etc.). We hope these videos are a helpful resource for you and your school!

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

Intervention: Easy As Pie!

I admit, I was feeling pretty intimidated to try and “figure out” how to use the intervention feature on ScootPad. As anyone who knows me knows, I hate change. New things involve change. I know they bring new opportunities, but I am the kind who wades very slowly into the water.

Such was my plan here: I clicked on some buttons to see what it was all about. But much to my delight and surprise… that was all it took. I clicked on “Math…Intervention” and this is what I saw:

Looking at how many concpets my student's don't need intervention on has me feeling pretty good!

Looking at how many concepts my student’s don’t need intervention on has me feeling pretty good!

And I was intimidated. Until I hovered over the image and realized that it simply was showing me that, overall, my kids are doing pretty well. I mean, take a look! My kids are doing fine on 324 concepts. 324! Ok, so there are 21 concepts I can work with small clusters on…that’s doable (remember, I teach K-5, so I am working with kids doing Common Core across 6 different grades). And as far as individual kids go, only 23 individuals need concept improvement work. I’m feeling pretty good about this!

Assigning interventions happens with just a click!

Assigning interventions happens with just a click!

So I waded in deeper: I clicked the ‘review’ button for the 21 concepts that groups of kids need to work on. And simple as anything, I checked a box by a concept that a group (of already identified kids!) can work on. Then I clicked “assign Concept Improvement” and it auto-generated the intervention practice. That was it! Easy as pie!

I wish all my lesson planning were this easy! How are you taking advantage of the intervention feature on ScootPad?

Dr. Michelle Anthony

The Test of Time

My son has been using ScootPad for a number of years now. I think we may have been one of the first people who signed up for it, as my son’s name was available as his username without any numbers or additional letters. I won’t say he uses ScootPad everyday, but he does use it consistently. It ebbs and flows with the pace of our lives, but it’s been a touchstone for learning for us for the last 2+ years.


All this to say, he has certainly done his fair share of practices on it. And he’s pretty good at it. Generally, I have him one year advanced in his math and reading practices to keep him challenged and engaged. He works hard, but he’s not perfect. Neither is ScootPad nor any learning platform for that matter. Believe me, I always hear about it when my son sees a question marked wrong when he thinks it should have been right.

That reality notwithstanding, he’s seen his fair share of fireworks at the end of practices. He looks for them. Counts on them. If he doesn’t get them, he’s severely disappointed. Sometimes I explain that new things can be hard to learn and master, and then we sit together and figure out what is making things hard.



When it clicks, he says, “Mom, you can stop helping me now…I get it. Let me earn my fireworks, please.”

Even after several years, it has not gotten old. I love that! ScootPad really has stood the test of time for us!

Dr. Michelle Anthony

The Quiet Wow of ScootPad

Those of you who follow my blog know that I have been using ScootPad for years with my family. Long enough that my son’s username is his first name without any numbers. One might say he’s as much an expert on ScootPad as I am. :) And although I have mentioned the platform to a number of his teachers at his school, none have ever followed through.

So I was interested when my son came home from school the other day and told me he’d had free time in his technology class and so he asked the teacher if he could log in to ScootPad and do some exercises. I was impressed at his initiative, impressed at his independence, and impressed at his work ethic.

I was even more impressed when he told me the reaction of the other kids in his class. As he was doing a practice (a practice mind you, not a game or looking at the leaderboard or posting on the class wall…simply doing a practice), the other kids all gathered around him.


“Wooow!” they oogled. “What are you doing?”

‘ScootPad’ my son said matter-of-factly. After all, it’s nothing so amazing for him. But it was to them.

And it reminded me that we are at the start of a fresh new year school year and we have fresh new opportunities to offer this simple but ‘wow!’ platform to our students for fun while learning.

What ways have you rediscovered the WOW of ScootPad?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


NEW: Easily Send Reports to Parents

Now it’s easier than ever to keep parents engaged and involved in student learning! We’ve added a new feature for teachers so they can send student reports such as Mastery Progress Report, Spelling Assignment Report, Standards Assessment Report & Behavior Report to parents with just a few clicks.

How it Works

If you don’t already have parents linked on ScootPad, simply add the parent email address and click Add as shown below.


Select the students whose parents you want to send the reports to and then click “Email Report To Parents”.



Not only will you be keeping parents in the loop, but you will also be saving your valuable time. Go paper-less & save trees!

For step-by-step instructions on how to email student reports to parents, please click below:

How to email the Mastery Progress Report to parents?
How to email the Spelling Assignment Report to parents?
How to email the Standards Assessment Report to parents?
How to email the Behavior Report to parents?

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

ScootPad for Data Pull

Today was a non-contact day for us in Denver Public Schools. Yesterday as well. We spent the last 2 days thinking about and digging into our Interim assessment data. I found it frustrating. I wanted the district to give us data in a spreadsheet or format like we get with ScootPad. I wanted to click a button or two and have the analysis done and at my fingertips: “These students need support in this concept; see? the little bar is red and we’ve pulled enough data to be confident in their struggle.”

From a single click I can see who in my class needs extra work on this. So easy! :)

From a single click I can see who in my class needs extra work on this. So easy! :)

Truth be told, being the GT teacher, I don’t administer or score the interim. But I know the ways the district wants all of us to use them, as data mines for information about what’s working with our teaching and what is not. What our students are learning and what they are not. All good stuff. But I still wish I could see with the interim data what I can see in my ScootPad portal.

It's easy to see where this student is struggling.

It’s easy to see where this student is struggling.


It would let me use my data dig time to quickly get to the “so what” of data: how to use the numbers to improve student learning.

How does ScootPad compare to the data digs your district is expecting?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


Behavior Feature Improvements

We have made some great improvements to the behavior feature! Teachers and parents can now review & print behavior reports, and they can edit & delete recorded behaviors. Teachers can easily email behavior reports to parents with just a few clicks!


Behavior - overview

Get a quick idea of where your class stands with our proficiency graph. Hover over each section to see the number of behaviors recorded.


Behavior - advanced behavior report

Behavior - student behavior report

Use the Student Behavior Report to get a more in-depth look at each student’s behavior history.

assessment - send to parents

 With just a few clicks, send the Student Behavior Report to parents!

Update Recorded Behaviors

Behavior - edit_delete

Now you can easily update and delete existing recorded behaviors.

For more information on the behavior feature, please review our help articles:

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

Assessment Enhancements

We’re happy to announce that we have made some exciting changes to our Math and ELA assessments! Teachers and parents can now preview concepts, review assessment reports (and send these to parents), measure growth between assessments, review individual student responses, and assign concept improvement practice!

Concept Preview


Want to see the types of questions students will be asked? Preview a sample question for concepts before adding to an assessment.


assessment - advanced report

assessment - report

See exactly how students performed by standard with the Standard Assessment Report.

assessment - send to parents

 Keep parents in the loop: with just a few clicks, you can send the Standards Assessment Report to all parents.

Measure Growth

assessment - growth report

Measure growth between two assessments by student and by standard.

 Student Responses

assessment -student results

Gain deeper insight into student progress by seeing individual student responses on assessments.

Concept Improvement

assessment -Concept Improvement

Easily assign concept improvement assignments from assessment results.

For further assessment instruction, please review our help articles:

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

Using Learning Path Honeycombs to Drive Self-Motivation

One of my goals is to have my students be more engaged in their own outcomes. I am only with them about an hour a week, so I need them to be self-motivated to keep learning and pushing themselves. Since I can’t be with them very often, I love how ScootPad can act as the “virtual teacher,” letting kids know how they are progressing, thus allowing them to take ownership over their own outcomes.

Enter ScootPad honeycombs: below is the math honeycomb my top student sees when she opens her learning path. For her, she is always at the top of the class. Compared to her peers, she has very little to learn within the typical curriculum. However, that does not mean she has very little to learn in the greater scheme of her own education!  One thing I have done is put her in a level above other students, and above the typical curriculum. Here she can see that indeed there are challenges for her, like any other student.

Math honeycomb of my top student, being challenged at a level above the other students.

Math honeycomb of my top student, being challenged at a level above the other students.

Even more interesting for her is her ELA honeycomb:

With their honeycomb, even my best students can see where they can grow and achieve!

With their honeycombs, even my best students can see where they can grow and achieve!

Despite being ahead of her peers, even my most advanced student can easily see where she is relative to herself, and can motivate her own drive to learn and excel. The learning path selection for her also lets her remain challenged relative to others her own age and grade, despite the fact that those students are not at her school. She is in 5th grade now, and will be moving to an advanced program at the middle school. It’s important she be able to continue to be challenged relative to the wider world she will soon be entering.

I may not be able to provide her these peers to challenge her within our classes. However, with ScootPad, I can still provide her the experiences that allow her to challenge herself, and to see herself within a larger virtual community of learners ready for more!

How do you help your best students continue to grow and thrive?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


Loving the New Interface!

I’ll admit it. I hate change. Hate it. Just ask my husband. And kids. Unfortunately, I chose to be an educator, which means change is constant. It’s not always bad, and I know that, but I still say it: I hate change.

But I LOVE the new interface on ScootPad! So far, it’s awesome! One change I noticed instantly that I love is the ability to download only select student log ins or parent letters. This is so valuable to me, as I will add or remove students across the year. Needing to rifle through huge PDFs to find the kids I want was annoying. The new select system is super simple!

Choose only the students you want to get log ins for!

Choose only the students you want to get log ins for!

Another exciting way to differentiate experiences is with the rewards. I can now choose which students are offered which rewards. So I can separate out by reading group or math class or other means. Hooray! :)

Choose which students get which rewards!

Choose which students get which rewards!


And I discovered these 2 treasures within the first 3 minutes of opening the new platform. I’m so excited to keep experimenting and seeing what other goodies await me! :) What useful new tools do you have at your disposal?

Dr. Michelle Anthony


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