Announcing 2015 ScootPad Summer Program

Research shows that students lose 2 to 3 months of grade-level proficiency in math & reading every summer. We’re excited to announce the 2015 ScootPad Summer Program to help students retain their math and reading proficiencies while preparing them for the upcoming school year. It’s our most affordable, convenient and flexible summer program ever, giving parents, teachers, and schools several ways to engage their students in a fun-filled summer learning experience. The ScootPad Summer program is set to launch on May 1, 2015, and will run through the end of August. Online enrollment for parents will also begin on May 1, 2015.


Here’s what you can expect from our summer program this year:

  • Do-it-yourself ($6.99/student/month): With a simple click of a button you can enable ScootPad’s summer curriculum coupled with the At-Home Learning Zone to manage the entire summer learning experience for your kids. We’re also here to help you every step of the way with tools and tips.
  • ScootPad-managed Summer Program ($29.99/student for the entire summer): Simply enroll your kids in our summer program and leave the rest to the ScootPad team! We’ll keep you informed of your kid’s learning every week. We’re also available via live chat, phone or email to answer any questions or to address any special requests.

Schools & Teachers:

Here’s what you can expect from our summer program this year:

  • Do-it-yourself: With a simple click of a button you can enable summer learning and prepare your students for the upcoming school year. You’ll have access to our specially-designed Summer Learning Paths and new auto-assignment features. We are also providing a FREE weekly webinar series starting May 1 to show you step-by-step how to navigate our Summer Learning Paths and to answer any questions. You’ll need either a Lite Premium or an Ultra Premium license to use these summer features for your classroom.
  • ScootPad-managed Summer Program ($29.99/student for the entire summer): Simply recommend parents to enroll their students in our summer program, and we’ll deliver the very best summer learning experience for each student! We’ll provide weekly summer progress reports for parents and also make cumulative summer reports available to teachers and schools.

Details, share-able flyers, free webinars and more, starting May 1! If you have any questions about our summer program or any special requests, please email us at or simply call us at 1-800-994-0706. We’re looking forward to an awesome summer!

– The ScootPad Team

We’re Hiring! Are you a tech-savvy educator?


At ScootPad, we’re building an awesome learning platform which delivers a personalized learning experience to millions of students. We make this possible with breakthrough technologies including adaptive algorithms, predictive analytics, data visualization and gamification – all working seamlessly to make learning accessible and affordable (a majority use it for free).

Are you ready to make a big impact? Do you want to join a small team at a fast-growing, highly-profitable startup? We are currently looking for a tech-savvy educator with experience in the classroom (teaching and/or implementing technology) to join our User Experience team. Every member of our team shares the responsibility to create an awesome user experience, but we need someone who is able to make supporting our users their #1 focus. You’ll answer questions, provide recommendations, train users and solve problems over email, live chat, and phone. You’ll become the ScootPad spokesperson for users while internally you are users’ eyes and ears helping the team prioritize and roll-out new features.

You should be local to the Bay Area (Silicon Valley) and ready to hit the ground running. To learn more about us, visit To apply, email and tell us why you would be a good fit. We look forward to talking with you soon!

– The ScootPad Team

The Personalization Engine Powering ScootPad

Greetings ScootPad Users!

If you’re wondering how ScootPad works, check out the Platform section on Dive in to see all the magic that happens behind the scenes at ScootPad, and how the platform works to personalize and accelerate learning for your students.


Here’s a quick breakdown of the ScootPad platform:

DNA Personalization Engine a.k.a SkillsDNA
With SkillsDNA, your students have a personalized learning experience and are able to accelerate their learning by 2.5x with the predictive and prescriptive analytics engine.
 content_engine Content Engine
Our engineers and content designers have worked hard to create the highly dynamic and interactive questions that your students practice on a daily basis. The questions are designed to test deeper conceptual knowledge! Click here and scroll down to experience the highly interactive questions!
 mastery_learning Mastery Learning
“Schools cannot provide tutoring for every student but the use of mastery learning in combination with other practical methods could enable students to learn almost as well.”– Dr. Benjamin S Bloom. ScootPad enables a practical instructional strategy designed to quickly identify individual learning difficulties, prescribe just-in-time remediation, and enable rapid concept mastery.
cloud Reliable & Elastic Cloud
What does this mean? 24/7 non-stop learning for your students! You and your students will enjoy uninterrupted and consistent ScootPad usage.
lock Compliance & Data Security
ScootPad is in compliance with COPPA and FERPA. Student privacy is very important to us. This means that we never use, share, or sell personal student information to third parties, for any purpose.
Now that you know how ScootPad works and how it has been so carefully designed to support student learning and achievement, get your students moving on their learning path!
Team ScootPad 







Newly Designed Administrator Reports Now Available!

Hello ScootPad Users!

We are excited to announce the availability of district-wide and school-wide reports on ScootPad. Administrators on ScootPad can now access reports that include:

  • Dashboard with an overview
  • Proficiency by school (district only)
  • Proficiency by grade
  • Proficiency by classroom
  • Proficiency by standard
  • …all with an easy one-click drill down to review student data

District Administrators can see proficiency across all schools in their district. They can view various reports and further drill down by school, classroom, and student. With the new reports layout, administrators will be able to swiftly and quickly see the performance of the various schools in their district.


District-wide reports

School Administrator reports are also available, with drill down by grade, classroom, and standard. These reports have been re-designed to be more convenient and efficient for school administrators to quickly see the proficiency of all classrooms in their school, with just a couple clicks!


School-wide reports

If you don’t have a school or district administrator account, go ahead and sign up for free!

Team ScootPad

Adaptive Learning now available FREE for all Basic Classrooms!

Greetings ScootPad Users!

We are excited to announce that all basic/free classrooms now have the fully automated adaptive learning mode available at no extra cost. If you have a Basic/Free classroom on ScootPad, it now has the adaptive learning mode enabled and ready for your students to launch self-paced practices in Math and ELA. Your students can launch unlimited practices and master concepts from their grade-appropriate learning paths in Math and ELA. All you need to do is to have your students sign in, and launch a practice!



With the fully-automated learning mode enabled, you do not need to manually assign practices/assignments for your students – this saves you time while giving your students unlimited practice 24×7. Feel free to click on the help dropdown for helpful videos and articles, or reach out to us directly to get any questions answered, we are always here to help!

ScootPad Team

6 Tips to Prepare your Students for High Stakes Tests

students_standardized_testingWhen it comes to preparing your students for high stakes tests such as PARCC, SBAC, and FSA, it is important to provide them with a balance of activities that will help them prepare for these tests while also alleviating their testing anxiety. State standardized tests measure student progress in the Common Core State Standards with the goal of having college and career ready graduates. By utilizing the following 6 tips, you will be providing your students with a strong game plan for concept mastery and success with these tests.

1. Testing Discussion
By engaging in an open dialogue with your students about testing, they will be able to ask questions about the tests and learn about the benefits. This is also a great opportunity to talk about test taking anxiety and provide ways to decrease stress. You can give your students more time outside of the classroom to play games to recharge and reset their young  minds. Throughout the day and in between activities, you can also allow students to freely use their ScootPad accounts to play learning games and unwind.

2. Daily Practices
Begin each day with a custom practice assignment for your students. You can take a look at standardized testing websites to learn which standards your students will be tested on. Then you can go to ScootPad and easily pick and choose the concepts you would like to assign your students for their practices. You have the option to create manual or adaptive practice assignments.

3. Real-time Reports
Use real-time data to see which concepts your students are struggling with and assign them concept improvement practices for those concepts. You can go to your reports dashboard for both Math and ELA, and you can see the following reports:  standards reports, student reports, activity reports, trend reports, and mastery reports. Teachers can easily drill down in these reports to see which concepts need to be practiced or retaught. The intervention dashboard is also a good place to see real-time data showing three Tiers of students and the concepts that they are struggling with. At that point, you can assign concept improvement practice for your kids.

4. Practice Assessments
Start giving your students practice assessments a couple months before testing will happen. Giving an assessment every week, and covering different concepts, will be a good way to familiarize your students with high stakes test formats. They will improve their keyboarding skills and be more comfortable with taking tests on the computer. You can also time the assessments in class, so your students can get a feel for the testing environment.

5. Literacy Activities
Check out your eBooks library. Assign eBooks and reading assignments with reading prompts, to further prepare your students for the ELA portion of testing.

6. ScootPad Support
For tips and advice on how to utilize ScootPad for test preparation, take a look at our helpful how-to videos or reach out to us!

When testing is over, make sure to celebrate with your students!


ScootPad Team

ScootPad gets Simpler and Easier to Use!

Hello ScootPad Users!

We’ve made several changes based solely on your feedback, to make ScootPad easier to use and to make your experience more efficient. Over 30 improvements were made to the site, that will enhance your user experience. Below, we will take a look at the top 10 improvements.

1. Click and Watch a How-To Video

You’ve clicked on a specific feature, and you’d like to dive in and learn all about it, just click on the video button at the top of each page and watch!


2. Easily Find Assignments & Assessments

You can narrow your search by toggling through active, future, & past assignments or assessments.


3. Toggle by Assignment or by Student

Click view by assignment to see general assignment information or by student to drill down further and see the assignments completed by specific students.


4. Which Concepts Have You Already Assigned?

This features helps you keep track of  the concepts you’ve already assigned your students as homework, and concepts that you might want to assign in the future.


5. Browse through Reports Quicker!

Your reports are laid out right next to each other, making it easy to toggle through them


6. Save, Download, & Print!

These options are available for all reports, making it easy for you to save and share reports


7. Assessments: Review, Assess, & Run Reports quicker!

Measure your students progress between assessments, easily view assessments reports, and assign assessments.


8. Improved Administrator Reports

Sign in as any teacher to view reports and insights from their specific classrooms.


Drill down to see how each classroom is doing in Math & ELA


 9. Tons of Training Resources

Become a ScootPad expert! This entire section is dedicated to help you learn how to use each feature and to make your experience with ScootPad more enjoyable.


10. Free Resources to Introduce and Share ScootPad

You can now print handouts and distribute them to curious teachers, administrators, and parents to teach them about ScootPad!


We are continuously improving ScootPad to make it easier and simpler for you to use, and the best way to make these improvements is with your feedback. So, thank you once again for all your input and please continue to tell us how we can improve!

ScootPad Team

Learnathon: Winners of the Week!

Congratulations to last weeks Learnathon Winners. We’d like to give a shout out to the following schools and districts for their students’ outstanding efforts in taking them to the #1 spots!

Great work everyone!

school_math_2 district_math_2

With 3301 hours of learning and a grand total of 88,670 ELA problems solved to date, Ellis Elementary School students are hard at work practicing their concepts and raising their rate of learning. The American School of Guatemala has a total of  747,898 Math problems solved with 14,701 hours of learning to date.

At a district level, Huntsville City has stolen the show, with a total of 3,382,795 math problems solved, 3,423,756 ELA problems solved, and 20,7040 hours of learning. The best part? They’re still ranked #1 in both Math and ELA at a district level! Great job Huntsville City!

What is your school or classroom impact?

The more your students practice and master their concepts, their rate of learning will also increase, and they will be able to celebrate their successes at the Global Leaderboard! Are there any goals you would like your students to hit before Sunday night?


ScootPad Team

My School Community

Have you checked out who else is on ScootPad?

My School Community is a platform where you can do just that! you can connect with fellow educators to exchange ideas, best practices, and much more.


With My School Community you can now see other teachers from your school and from other schools on ScootPad, opening the doors for collaboration!



You can go to Stories and share your unique ScootPad experience with thousands of ScootPad users and show them the impact ScootPad has had on your students and on yourself!


Map Schools

By clicking on Map Schools, you can see which schools near you are on ScootPad.


So go ahead and click on your “My School” button and get involved with your school community!

ScootPad Team

Read-Aloud: Now available for Assessments K-2

Hi ScootPad Users!

We are excited to announce availability of the Read-Aloud feature for K-2 Assessments in both Math and ELA! Your young learners will be able to click on the play button right above their questions to have the question read aloud.

We are working on bringing the Read Aloud feature to grades 3 and above, so stay tuned for more updates!


Click here to learn how to create a Math or ELA assessment.

ScootPad Team

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