Improved Student Enrollment & Parent Engagement

We’re excited to release improvements to the enrollment process which makes adding and enrolling students easier than ever for teachers and admins. Teachers can now see their entire student roster from within their classroom, and admins can bulk enroll students into classrooms.

Improvements For Teachers

teacher - student page

On the student roster page, teachers can easily add new students, enroll existing students, and print Google sign up instructions. Teachers can print Sign In cards, Parent Letters and also sign in as a student with just one-click/touch. Adding parent accounts also got much easier, just enter the parent email address and click Add!

Improvements for Admins

bulk enroll - admin

Admins can now bulk enroll students into classrooms after creating student accounts. Simply enter the student userIDs (comma separated or copy/paste from excel) to enroll many students into a classroom at once.

For step-by-step instructions on how to add and enroll students, please visit:

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

Update on bug fixes and features. Plus, What’s Next?

THANK YOU all for embracing the change and transitioning to the new ScootPad. We greatly appreciate your support and all the feedback/suggestions you’ve sent us over the past 2 weeks – please keep them coming! In this update we wanted to let you know which issues were fixed, which features have been improved and released. Also, here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect in the next few weeks.

Practice Results (Math & ELA):
- Practice results for Teachers (Assignment Review Page & Learning Activity Report)
- Practice results for Students (Assignments Page & Learning Activity Report)
– Improved Practice Results format for all practices/assignments completed after 22nd Sep
– It’s now easy to report content issues by simply clicking the “Report Issue” link in the Practice Results page
Concept Improvement:
Teachers can assign concept improvement from the “Proficiency By Standard” report by simply selecting the standards and clicking “Concept Improvement” from the Actions drop-down.
Spelling Assignments
- Teachers can now create custom word lists with their own words and sentences
– Teachers can now share word lists with their School or Everyone on ScootPad
– While adding a new assignment, teachers can now filter/search word lists by Grade Level
- Bug with the spelling results/review page has been fixed
- “Show Word” option now available to show spelling words to students
What’s next on our priority list for the next few weeks?
1) Mastery-Based Report Card (replacing the old progress report)
2) Intervention Dashboard & Monitoring Tool
3) Assessments Results & Report to Measure Growth
4) Practice Features: Scratchpad & Fireworks
5) Spelling games and activities (new & improved)
6) Improved Student Enrollment (one-step enrollment for teachers, faster upload for admins)
We hope you are enjoying the new and improved ScootPad 3.0. To learn more about the new interface and features in-depth, we invite you to join our Free weekly live webinars by visiting
Again, Thank You for all the feedback and helping us make ScootPad better every day.
ScootPad Team


Supported Browsers

ScootPad’s new design and features work best with the following supported browsers:

Internet Explorer 9+

Download/Upgrade IE:
If you are using IE 8 or older versions, please upgrade your IE browser to the latest version. Support for the five-year-old Internet Explorer 8 will be dropped completely by Microsoft

Google Chrome 11+

Download/Upgrade Chrome:

Firefox 5+

Download/Upgrade Firefox:

Safari 4+

Download/Upgrade Safari:

How to check if you have a supported browser?

Sign In to ScootPad and click the “Help” button from the top panel and choose the “System Check” option. You’ll see if your system is supported and the recommended next steps.

Learn more about the minimum system requirements to use ScootPad?

Should you have any further questions, click the Help button and contact our support team.

ScootPad Team

Introducing ScootPad 3.0!

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce ScootPad 3.0! We’ve re-imagined ScootPad with your feedback in mind while getting much closer to realizing our original vision for the product. Our team has worked extremely hard on lots of great new features that will help you engage students and accelerate learning like never before. While change is hard, we greatly appreciate your patience as you adopt the new features which are guaranteed to make it much easier to use ScootPad while saving you a ton of valuable time.

Below, find the list of new features and improvements that are currently available. Also, please find a list of issues and improvements releasing in the coming days.

New Design & Usability Improvements:
1) Every page has been redesigned to be easier to use
2) Improved navigation making it quick and easy to access all features
3) Mobile ready with Free apps on all major mobile devices (iPads, Androids etc.)
4) Easy to get Help, browse online articles or report issues with screenshots
5) One-Click Student Sign In page (students don’t need to remember their userids)
Adaptive Learning Paths & Practice
6) Easier to adopt standard learning paths or create your own custom learning paths
7) Copy learning paths and easily switch paths for students
8) New color coded honeycombs to review standards in the learning path
9) Improved student view of the learning path and color coded concept proficiency
10) Easy to customize your classroom proficiency goal and mastery settings
Assignments & Homework
11) Ability to copy existing assignments and easily reassign to students
12) View assignments by Student – easy to review all assignments for a student
13) Improved search for concepts by grade level and using keywords
14) Improved placement tests which are now easier to assign and track
15) Easily access assignments across all subjects
Assessments & Intervention Tools
16) 20+ new and unique technology-based interactive assessment question formats
17) Brand new intervention tool to automate 3-tiers of intervention & monitoring
18) Ability to copy existing assessments and easily assign them to students
Introducing Scootorials!
19) Interactive step-by-step instruction to help students understand a concept easily
20) Suggested Scootorials on students’ dashboard by our recommendation engine
21) Scootorials help students as they practice enabling independent learning
22) Students are tested immediately after each Scootorial to assess their knowledge
eBooks Library
23) eBooks library now easy for students to browse and read any book in any level
24) One-click reading log assignment from the eBooks library
25) Configure your own reading responses and easily review and grade student responses
26) New reading reports to track reading by book, by student and by rubric
Behavior Tracking
27) New behavior dashboard with one-click recording of positive and negative behaviors
28) Behavior data and reports are much easier to review by student, by behavior or by timeframe
Collaboration & Engagement
29) New classroom leaderboards in Math and ELA. Leaderboards across Spelling, eBooks, Behavior, Coins and Badges coming soon.
30) Improved rewards module where you can now assign appropriate reward icons
31) New Coin reports to show you a complete log of coins earned by students
32) New Student Wall where students can send positive shoutouts to their friends
33) Improved security for adding a friend and a lot more fun/engaging Shoutouts
Insights & Reports
34) Enhanced reports dashboard with new “Student Proficiency Trend” charts
35) Easy to use Proficiency By Standard and Proficiency By Student reports
36) New Learning Activity and improved Learning Trend Reports
37) REINVENTED Mastery-Based Report Card – a newer way to measure progress
38) Improved reports with easy to read charts across Spelling, Writing, eBooks and Behavior
Student Learning Experience
39) New dashboard for students to easily find and launch tasks
40) One-click practice launch with much smoother and better practice experience
41) Improved Read-Aloud with human-voice where possible across Math and ELA
42) Recommended Scootorials available to watch right from the dashboard
43) Expanded student reports to make it easy for students to own their learning
Parents & At-Home Learning Zone
44) Introducing the At-Home Learning Zone for parents (get all learning features typically available to teachers)
45) Review students’ progress in a classroom while managing additional learning at-home
46) Monthly student license subscription (now $6.99/month) is back on popular demand
47) Parent Wall to collaborate with the teacher 24×7 (coming soon)
Administrator Features
48) Bulk upload students and manage enrollment, classrooms, teacher accounts etc.
49) Site Wide Assessments (coming soon)
50) Site Wide Learning Paths (coming soon)
Known Issues & Upcoming Improvements:
➜ Unable to Sign In using IE 8 browser – Resolved. ScootPad works best with IE 9+.
➜ Unable to launch practices in certain circumstances – Resolved.
➜ Can’t find past student assignment data (adaptive practices) (ETA: 23rd Sep)
➜ Students can’t complete assessments assigned prior to 22nd (ETA: 23rd Sep)
➜ Practice Results Report – new and improved report (ETA: 26th Sep)
➜ Ability to assign concept improvement from reports (ETA: 26th Sep)
➜ Ability to save and share Spelling Lists (ETA: 26th Sep)
➜ Intervention Dashboard & Monitoring Tools (ETA: 3rd Oct)
➜ Mastery-Based Report Cards (ETA: 3rd Oct)
➜ Improved ScratchPad for Math during practice (ETA: 3rd Oct)
We hope you enjoy ScootPad 3.0. Should you have any questions, issues to report or need some help, please click Help from your account and contact us! To learn more about the new features in-depth, we invite you to join our Free weekly live webinars by visiting
Thanks for all of your great feedback, your support and for making ScootPad a part of your learning solution.
ScootPad Team


Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

Scheduled Maintenance Downtime: ScootPad will be down for maintenance (i.e. new release) between these times: 8PM PST Friday 19th Sep 2014   Until   8PM PST Sunday 21st Sep 2014.  Please make a note of this schedule.

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to work hard to deliver a totally revamped ScootPad which is guaranteed to make it much easier to use and save you more time.

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience!

ScootPad Team

Back-To-School-Night: Resources To Share

We’ve made it easy for you to educate parents about ScootPad using these back-to-school-night resources. If you are new to ScootPad, please create a new classroom and enroll/add your students first. Share these resources by printing or simply forwarding this page to parents.

Introduce ScootPad


1-page Poster about ScootPad


2-page handout about ScootPad


Introduce ScootPad using this presentation.
How-It-Works Videos

For Students
6 minutes

For Parents
2 minutes
Cards & Parent Letters

Student Sign-In Cards
Under Students tab, click the “Print Student Sign-In Cards” button. For easy peel-away & sticking, print on a 2.3 x 3.3 inch name badge adhesive label paper.

Parent Invitation Letters
Under Students tab, click the “Print Parent Invitation Letters” button. You get one page per student to share with that student’s parents.

We wish you all the best for the new school year! If there is anything we can do, drop us a note from the “Help: Ask For Help” link within your account.

ScootPad Team

22nd September: New Release Date

We’re moving the totally revamped ScootPad release date to 22nd September 2014. This additional 2 weeks of time was added to the original release schedule mainly to accommodate the following requests:

» Extra time for all to purchase and lock-in licenses at the current low prices (prices are set to increase)
» Extra time for our engineering team to add more features requested and voted by many of you
» Extra time for our user experience team to thoroughly test and resolve issues before the release

Scheduled Maintenance Downtime: ScootPad will be down for maintenance (i.e. new release) between these times: 8PM PST Friday 19th Sep 2014   Until   8PM PST Sunday 21st Sep 2014. Reminders will be send 24hrours prior to the maintenance start time. Please make a note of this schedule.

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue to work hard to deliver a totally revamped ScootPad which is guaranteed to make it much easier to use and save you more time.

If you have any concerns or questions about this new schedule, please contact us at or call us at 1-888-666-3106 (9-5 PST M-F). Thanks again for your cooperation and patience!

ScootPad Team

Upcoming Basic/Free Classroom Changes

As previously announced, we’re releasing a totally revamped ScootPad on September 8th, 2014. While this release will improve the user experience and enable a ton of new features, it does introduce some changes to the Basic/Free Classroom(s).

Changes to Basic/Free Classrooms ONLY:

» Number of students will be limited to 50 per classroom
» Adaptive (Learning Path) based practice will no longer be available
» Assignments in Math and ELA will be limited to concepts from one grade level and must be manually assigned
» Reports and proficiency data/insights will no longer be available

To minimize the impact of this change/transition, we will automatically extend a 30-day free Lite Premium license to those with existing basic/free classrooms.

The Lite Premium license will let you continue to use all existing features of the basic/free classroom while giving you access to a ton of additional features such as spelling, writing, reading logs etc. Should you decide to continue using these features beyond the 30-days, you can upgrade your classrooms to Premium (Lite or Ultra) for as long as you like. Alternatively, you can continue to use the basic/free classrooms (with limited features) for as long as you like.

We hope you make a note of these important upcoming changes and make necessary plans. Should you have any further questions/concerns, you can email us at or call us at 1-888-666-3106 (9-5 PST M-F).

ScootPad Team

8th Sep 2014: Release Date for Redesigned ScootPad!

We’re very excited to announce the release date for a totally redesigned ScootPad ready for the 2014-2015 school year! We’ve re-imagined the ScootPad platform with your feedback in mind and made it easier to engage students and accelerate learning than ever before. Here’s what you can expect:

New Design
Every page has been redesigned to be easier to use with intuitive navigation.
Any Device
The new design adjusts to perfectly fit your desktop, tablet or mobile phone screen.
Online Instruction
Interactive instruction to help students learn common core concepts easily.
Interactive Assessments
20+ unique question formats (more than both PARCC and SBAC combined!).
Features You Wanted
New and enhanced features most requested by admins and teachers!
More Payment Options
Online ordering of site licenses and classroom plans. Pre-pay or pay as you go!
Important release details to note:
» Your existing accounts, classrooms, student/parent logins will not change
» You can start setting up your classes for the 2014-15 school year
» We’ll archive your 2013-2014 student data so print any progress reports by 8th Sep
» Upgrade your classrooms by 8th Sep. New pricing will go into effect on 8th Sep.
We invite you to join our FREE Back to School webinars which will go over the changes you can expect and also help you get started.
Register Now!
Register Now!
Register Now!
ScootPad Team


Back-To-School: Setup ScootPad For The New School Year!

We can’t wait for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year! We have a TON of great new features in store for you! We want to share a few things with you to help you get your school or classroom ready.

Teachers: New to ScootPad?

  1. Create a brand new classroom from your Teacher Dashboard (you’ll receive our Ultra Premium Plan Free for 30-days for the first classroom)
  2. Enroll your students, link parents, print student sign in cards and much more from the Students tab
  3. Watch our teacher training video or join a FREE Back to School Teacher Webinar to learn how best to leverage ScootPad for your classroom

Teachers: Used ScootPad Last Year?

  1. Archive” your old classroom – this can be done under the classroom Customize tab (this will clear past classroom data and prepare your classroom for new students)
  2. Delete your old classroom – this can be done from your dashboard. Only basic, non-upgraded classrooms can be deleted. (warning: deleting a classroom of students will also delete the student accounts if not attached to a parent account)
  3. Delete or Move old students – Move students to a new classroom or delete students (warning: this will delete the student account if the student is not attached to a parent account)
  4. Use your existing classroom or create a brand new classroom from your Teacher Dashboard
  5. Enroll new students, link parents, print student sign in cards and much more under the Students tab
  6. Enroll students with ScootPad accounts by sharing your classroom code (found in Customize tab) and having students join the classroom (from the settings page of student account)
  7. Watch our teacher training video or join a FREE Back to School Teacher webinar to learn how best to leverage ScootPad for your classroom

Parents: Setup your child’s account

  1. Create a brand new student account for your child from your Parent Dashboard (you’ll receive the Silver Engagement Plan Free for 30-days for the first child)
  2. If your child already has an account on ScootPad, update your child’s grade level – this can be done under the Customize tab
  3. If your child’s teacher has a classroom on ScootPad, request a “Parent Invitation Letter” from the teacher (follow instructions to enroll your child in the classroom)
  4. Watch our parent training video or join a FREE Back to School Parent webinar to learn how best to leverage ScootPad for your child

School/District Administrators: Signup for a FREE Admin Account

  1. Signup for a Free Admin Account for your School or District
  2. Add Teacher Accounts and Classrooms. Bulk upload students into classrooms
  3. Watch our admin training video  or join a FREE Back to School Admin webinar to learn how best to leverage ScootPad for your school/district

School/District Administrators: Trying to Clear Out Students, Classrooms, or Teachers?

  1. Teacher accounts can be “removed” (or disconnected) from the school through an administrator account, but only the teacher can delete his/her account.
  2. Classrooms can only be deleted if they have zero students enrolled and have not been paid to be upgraded through a teacher’s account
  3. Student accounts can be moved from an admin account, but cannot be deleted from an admin account.
  4. To learn even more, join a FREE Back to School Admin webinar.

For more information, visit or click below:

Need help with the process? Give us a call 1-888-666-3106 (Option 1, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PST) or send an email to

Best wishes for the new school year!

ScootPad Team


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