Meet Our Interns!

Please join us in welcoming our 2014 Summer Interns! They have joined us from all over the country to work on some interesting projects and to make an impact on millions of students using ScootPad!



“Hey! I’m from Seminole, Florida and am a sophomore in high school. I like to listen to music, play sports, and watch movies.”

Cavan clashofclans


“Hello! I am currently a senior in high school and am from Campbell, California. I really enjoy working at ScootPad because everyone is super nice, helpful and the program is just great! During my time off work, I enjoy hanging with friends, listening to music, and gaming some. If you play Clash of Clans and read this, join my clan! PAX-13. Now have a great day.”



“Hey! My name is Connor and I am currently a junior in high school. I’m from Saratoga, California and I love listening to music and playing sports.”

Kevin batman_logo


“Hi, my name is Kevin, and I am currently a junior at a high school in Gotham… sorry it’s actually in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I enjoy running, drawing, playing the piano, and fighting crime ehm I mean coding. I’m super excited to be working at ScootPad this summer, and I already exceeded the 1-2 sentence limit for this post, so bye!”

Meghna double icecream cone melonheadz colored


“Hi! I am a junior in high school and live in San Jose, California. I enjoy spending time with other people and I love to eat. :-)


ScootPad Team

Fundraise to Get ScootPad For Your Classroom!

money_iconWe know how tight school budgets can be so we wanted to share some fundraising options to help you get ScootPad for your school or classroom. We recommend setting up a fundraiser through Donors Choose, through ScootPad, or through both!


donorschooselogoScootPad teachers have had great success raising funds through DonorsChoose, an online charity open to thousands across the world.


Ms. Mini (Imagine South Lake Charter School, Clermont, FL), for example, recently added a fundraiser for a ScootPad subscription for her students.

ScootPad Fundraiser


You can also easily setup a free fundraiser on ScootPad!

You can share with your community through your school webpage, Twitter, Facebook or Twitter.

The securely donated funds are immediately added to your account!


To set up a fundraiser on DonorsChoose:

To set up a fundraiser on ScootPad: Click on upgrade in your teacher account and then select “fundraiser”


ScootPad Team

Win an iPad Mini!


Sign up for a FREE Admin account for chance to win an iPad Mini!

(June 29th – July 12th)



Going to ISTE? Stop by and we can sign up for you!

(Ed Tech Start-Up Pavilion booth #1826)

Good luck!

ScootPad Team

Come See Us at the ISTE Conference in Atlanta (June 29th & 30th)

ScootPad will be at the ISTE Conference this year in Atlanta, Georgia! Look for us at the Ed Tech Start-Up Pavilion booth #1826 June 29th and 30th! Please stop by and say hello to the ScootPad team!

   ISTE_ATL   ISTE 2013 conference at the San Angelo Convention Center.


About the ISTE Conference

This year’s conference will be held at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta. Teachers and educators will have the opportunity to network with other educators and companies. ISTE also offers a multitude of professional development opportunities that will help strengthen skills to support digital age learning!

iPad Raffle: Sign Up for a FREE Admin Account for a chance to win an iPad

Make sure you stop by our booth to enter our drawing for a chance to win an iPad Mini!

Not able to attend? Simply have your principal/admin sign up for a FREE admin account by July 1st to be entered!
Sign up here:


For more information about ISTE 2014:

To register for ISTE 2014:

ScootPad Team

Thank You Riverside Elementary!

The ScootPad team was overjoyed to receive these beautiful, well written thank you letters from Mindy Shaw’s 5th Grade Classroom!


Mrs. Shaw is a 5th grade teacher at Riverside Elementary in Chattaroy, Washington. She is also an active member of our Teacher Advisory Board and has been using ScootPad with her classroom over the past year. We are so happy to see ScootPad is making such a big difference in her students’ learning!

We would like to share some of the kind and encouraging words with you:

“This program improved my skills both in math, and in reading.”

“When I move up a unit, it’s a challenge at first, but then I understand the concepts.”

“I thought I could never get better at math, but you guys helped me by letting us use ScootPad.”

“Thank you for helping me be a better math and reading student.”

“I have become a great learner from your program.”

“I have fun and learn at the same time.”

“Thank you guys for letting me challenge myself in the math and reading”

“You have made me feel special for going to the next level”

We want to give a final big “Thank You!” to Mrs. Shaw’s classroom! You and other students like you are the inspiration behind everything we do!

We hope ScootPad has made an impact on your classroom, too! We would love for you to share your experience with us on our “Love ScootPad” page:

Or you can write to us:

ScootPad Corporation
1551 McCarthy Blvd, Suite 114
Milpitas, CA 95035

ScootPad Team

Top 10 Reasons to Enroll in ScootPad Summer Program

summer ScootPad’s interactive Summer Program starts in a few days! Enroll your child now to take advantage of all the great benefits our Summer Program has to offer!


1) Prevent the “Summer Slide” 
With our specially designed summer curriculum, students will retain the previous year’s material by reviewing the past year’s core concepts.

2) Prepare Students for next grade level
Students will get a head start on the coming school year by working with new concepts from the next year’s grade level.

3) Understand Common Core Standards
Students will gain valuable experience with the Common Core Standards to help prepare them for the transition most schools will be making next school year.

4) Convenient and Self-Paced
Students will only be expected to devote around 5 hours/week to ScootPad which means they can work a little every day, or once a week.

5) Assessment Driven Insights
Monthly assessments will be given so parents can gain real-time insight into how their kids are performing all summer long!

6) Fully Managed by ScootPad
 ScootPad will carry the weight of responsibility of engaging your child this summer, so you can choose to be involved as much as you like.

7) Fun Learning Experience
While learning, kids will have access to over 250 avatars, will be able to add unlimited friends, send unlimited shoutout messages and play learning games.

8) Weekly Updates
Parents will receive weekly updates so they can easily monitor student activity and proficiency to identify improvement needs and you can even assign additional practices.

9) Motivation Tools
Kids will be motivated to learn this summer with the Summer Leaderboard where they can compare their results with other students in their grade level and work to be in the top ranking.

10) Prizes & Awards
All students will receive a ScootPad Summer Certificate, but students will also have the chance to earn 1-year free of our Silver Plan ($38 value), or a ScootPad T-Shirt if they are ranked at the top of their grade level in Reading/ELA or Math.

To learn more and enroll, please visit our Summer Page at:

If you have any questions or need help enrolling call us toll free  1-888-666-3106 (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST) or send an email to

ScootPad Team

Prepare Kids for Common Core this Summer

Summer is a time for kids to relax, but that doesn’t mean parents should let all learning go out the window. Instead, with minimal effort (and with ScootPad’s help), parents can use this time to prepare kids for the new Common Core State Standards they will be tested on next school year. Today’s post will go over how ScootPad’s Summer program can provide your kids with the tools to start the 2014-15 school year out ahead of the rest with as little as 5 hours of work/week on ScootPad!

Specially Designed Learning Paths



ScootPad’s Summer Program will place kids on a learning path that reviews the core concepts from the past academic year’s curriculum as well as exposes them to some of the next year’s concepts.

Common Core Assignments


Students will be expected to complete weekly individualized Common Core aligned assignments given by ScootPad. Parents can rest assured knowing their kids will be kept busy, but will still have the freedom to work at their own pace.

Prizes & Awards



Kids will stay motivated this summer with 24/7 access to the Summer Class Leaderboard and the enticing prizes and awards they receive if they finish at the top!


ScootPad’s 2014 Summer Program:

⇝ Gets kids practicing the new Common Core Standards

Assigns Common Core aligned assignments

⇝Alleviates pressure from parents to keep kids focused

Keeps learning fun with motivational prizes and awards


Take a look at our Summer Page to learn more about ScootPad’s Summer Program and to enroll your child.

If you have any questions or need help enrolling, call us toll free 1-888-666-3106 (Option 1, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PST).

ScootPad Team

Fight the Summer Slide with ScootPad

Interested in a fun and interactive learning experience for your kids this summer? Research shows that students lose 2-3 months of grade-level equivalency during the summer months. This loss can be prevented with as little as 5 hours of work/week for students on ScootPad!

ScootPad Summer Program: $49.99/3-months (1st June to 30th Aug):
Keep kids engaged this summer with ScootPad’s specially designed curriculum geared to prevent the summer slide and prepare students for their next grade level. With this ScootPad managed program, students will complete Math, ELA/Reading, Writing & Spelling assignments, assessments and have access to hundreds of eBooks! Enrollment is NOW OPEN! Learn more and Enroll Today


Print a Flyer

If you have any questions or need help enrolling, call us toll free 1-888-666-3106 (Option 1, Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm PST). Make the most of your summer with ScootPad!

ScootPad Team

Note to Parents: You need a parent account on ScootPad to monitor your kid’s progress and to purchase a summer subscription. Sign up for a free parent account today (
Note to Teachers: Want to enroll your entire classroom or school? Contact us directly for more information by phone or email. However, if you do not enroll in our Summer Program, you can continue using ScootPad this summer using your regular teacher account.

Strengthen Your Teaching Porfolio With Our Professional Development Workshops

ScootPad has new professional development resources for schools! These offerings include live, interactive, and customized webinars (tailored to fit your or your school’s needs), as well as training certificates. Today’s post will go over what resources are available and how you can use these resources to improve your portfolio.

FREE Resources


Teachers, Parents, and Administrators can access our free, pre-recorded Introduction webinars at any time or can register to join a live, interactive webinar (held each week)!

In-Depth Workshops


Our virtual hands-on workshops offer training on various topics (with live Q&A). We’ll even tailor special workshops to meet your specific needs. Participants will earn a PD Certificate for attending an entire workshop and for completing a survey.

Purchasing PD


You can purchase PD workshops with a site license (at 50+% discount) or you can simply request a free PD quote from our Pricing Page.


For more details about our Professional Development offerings, please visit our Professional Development & Training Page

ScootPad Team


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