Using the Leaderboard to Help Students Own Learning

The class leaderboard is a powerful tool that you can leverage to your and your students’ advantage.  There have been times I have looked over my students’ work on ScootPad and I can tell there has been a dip in follow through.  For example, early in the year I had some students decide that to get through a particular practice, they would randomly enter in letters as opposed to actually putting their best effort into their math work. In addition, I could tell from the time it was taking them to complete the practice that they were not invested in attempting the work (see image, below, where they spent 7 min or 4 min).

Inserting letters to get through the math problems quicker, compromising learning

Inserting letters to get through the math problems quicker, compromising learning

While of course this might be a prime opportunity to conference with a student about goals, I decided instead to have the students own their learning. To this end, I had them identify where on the leaderboard they were.  They were shocked to see that they were nowhere near the top, to which I simply pointed out that the more correct answers, the higher they would place on the leaderboard. Without needing to say anything else, there was a notable increase in effort and energy put into the students’ work. In reapplying themselves to actually solve the math problems (!), their overall scores went up on their practices, and they climbed the leaderboard as a result.  More importantly, however, they began to take ownership of their learning, and began checking in with me when they stumbled on difficult or frustrating problems.

Inceased effoert and increased ownership pays off

Increased effort and increased ownership pays off

To see my past post about motivating students using the class leaderboard, click the following link:

Dr. Michelle Anthony

Motivating Learning with the Class Leaderboard

With all the expectations and requirements teachers are under, is it any wonder that creativity around engaging learning can sometimes go out the window? Especially in the spring when testing season hits! I know my kids (and I!) are all pretty tested out right now, even though there are still a number of testing windows on the horizon. Keeping kids excited about learning and motivated to keep stretching themselves can sometimes feel impossible–so lean on the built in tools that ScootPad offers!  In this series, we’ll highlight some of the easy ways to keep motivation and learning high (even when your energy is low!) without any additional work for you.

ScootPad leaderboard

Student leaderboard can help motivate learning

Kids are naturally competitive. In my K-5 GT class, my students don’t care if they are in first or fifth grade, they want to be on the top of the class leaderboard. Of course, the goal is to encourage goal setting as opposed to making kids feel bad for “losing their spot,” which I’ll cover more in depth in another post.  

Having my leaderboard visible each class has been a great way to give my students encouragement, simply by saying, “Amr, look how close you are to being the top of the leaderboard. Nice job!” In fact, Bryce was our leader for most of the fall…until I began pointing out and rewarding the leader for getting or keeping the top spot. Suddenly, it was off to the races! Now, our leader shifts often, but my students’ desire to do better and strut their stuff persists!


Michelle Anthony

Jones Valley Elementary Clinches the Kindle HDX!

A big congratulations is owed to Jones Valley Elementary School of Huntsville, Alabama who beat out the competition to win a Kindle Fire HDX in ScootPad’s March Madness drawing! Rebecca Balentine (Jones Valley Elementary Principal) led her school to victory when her district, Huntsville City School District, submitted a ScootPad site license purchase order last month for all of their K-8 students, making the school eligible for the Kindle Fire HDX drawing!


Final Stats

The win was a team effort, of course. Jones Valley Elementary students have been proving hard work and dedication pay off! Jones Valley is a familiar name on ScootPad’s global school leaderboard, ranking #2 in reading, and #5 in math this week! They have also achieved an impressive overall rate of learning score of 1.47!



To see more real-time ScootPad stats about Jones Valley Elementary, please click here:

Jones Valley Elementary School along with 30,000 other schools are using ScootPad. To see your school’s learning impact, click here:

ScootPad Team

Welcome Dr. Michelle Anthony (Our Newest Blog Contributor)

We would like to introduce and extend a warm welcome to our newest blog contributor, Dr. Michelle Anthony!

Michelle is a GT teacher at Holm Elementary School in Denver, CO, as well as a mother to three children. We are very pleased to have Michelle working with us and are excited to have her share her tips and experiences with the ScootPad Community (150,000+ teachers across 30,000+ schools and growing)!

More about Michelle:


Dr. Michelle Anthony has always been passionate about her work with families and children.  After graduating with honors in Educational Studies from Brown University, she went on to get her Master’s in Child Studies and Teacher’s Certificate from Tufts University.  She taught in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for five years, after which she got her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley. Michelle has spent her entire professional life working hands-on with educators, children (both typical and developmentally-delayed), and families. She has worked in schools as both a teacher and a teacher-trainer, and has worked with parents as a developmental specialist and parenting workshop leader.

In addition, she is an award-winning writer and program developer who has consulted with organizations as well as the media. She has also co-authored several Scholastic children’s books, as well as two parenting titles with St. Martin’s Press. Her most recent book, Little Girls Can Be Mean: Fours Steps to Bully-proof Girls in the Early Grades is a parent’s and educator’s go-to guide for dealing with the growing issue of girl meanness in elementary school.

ScootPad Team

Spaulding Elementary Leaps Forward with ScootPad

We spoke with Debra Alexander, Principal of Spaulding Elementary School in Gurnee, Illinois, about how her school has been making strides with ScootPad! Her school consistently holds a place on our Top 10 Rate of Learning Leaderboard for their outstanding ranking in Math. They typically average an impressive Rate of Learning score of 2.25 in Math (students are moving at a pace 2.25 times faster than the average student not using ScootPad).

spauldinglogo DebraAlexander

What challenges or needs did you or your school face that led you to look for a program like ScootPad?

We really needed to have the right materials to teach the Common Core State Standards. We did not change our curriculum materials yet to support the Common Core, because we weren’t in that cycle in our textbook adoption rotation. The teachers and administration searched the internet for new resources to meet these needs and found ScootPad. Our district also provides iPads for all of our students, so we needed something that was compatible with that technology. Our building is PreK-2nd, and the teachers love having this resource to help provide differentiation that addresses the CCSS in a robust, engaging, relevant manner.

How did you implement ScootPad and engage students? Is there a specific feature you used/liked the most?

Teachers were encouraged to use ScootPad, and it slowly spread. We like the fact that it addresses the standards so well, and provides teachers with a way to track the students’ progress.

What results have you seen after utilizing ScootPad?

Our district has a goal this year for 62% of our students to meet their target goals in reading and math on MAP. So far, we are on track for meeting or exceeding that goal.


To see more real-time stats about Spaulding Elementary’s experience using ScootPad, please click here:

Spaulding Elementary along with 30,000 other schools are using ScootPad. To see your school’s learning impact, click here:

ScootPad Team

Help Make ScootPad Even Better!



Thanks to you and all of your great feedback, it has been a prosperous year with over 30,000 schools now using ScootPad!

We want to continue growing and improving with YOUR help! This past week we were invited to attend a developer/teacher collaboration event at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. A group of teachers shared with us the importance of saving time and how this alone shaped their decision making process when choosing technology for their classrooms. We have listed a few of their top priorities below and what we are doing to meet these priorities:

Parent Collaboration
In the next year, we are taking parent collaboration to the next level! We plan to add a parent wall feature where teachers and parents can openly discuss assignments and student progress.

Automated Grading
ScootPad already helps you with grading by automatically scoring student assignments/practices as students complete them!

Formative Assessments
Teachers already receive real-time results about which concepts students are struggling with and can immediately tailor their instruction to address areas of weakness. We plan on adding more features/enhancements to make identifying gaps even easier!

Ease of Student On-boarding
Teachers want to be able to have students up and running in a few minutes or less when using new classroom technology. To address this, we are in the process of adding a way for teachers to quickly add their whole student roster and then have a separate “sign in” portal for students to log in with one simple click.

We would LOVE to hear your suggestions about our future plans as well as any other ideas you have on ways we can improve! Please feel free to post any and all feedback to our feedback forum.

Thank you again for helping make ScootPad what it is today! We owe so much of our success to our sophisticated users and their endless passion for learning!

ScootPad Team

Student Achievement made possible with Teacher-Centric Focus

Many companies use adaptive learning technologies, but ScootPad stands apart by having a teacher-centric and student-achievement focus. When teachers are armed with powerful data coupled with their own knowledge about each individual student, identifying learning gaps and driving improvement can be achieved rapidly.

Teacher-Centric Learning


Unlike other programs that try to take the place of teachers, ScootPad understands the value of a teacher’s expertise and works to enhance regular teacher instruction, not replace it.

Customized Learning Paths


Teachers can play a part in and completely personalize the student learning experience by creating custom learning paths that go along with regular class curriculum and pace.

Data & Insights


At any point in time, teachers can gain insight into where students stand academically, how they have progressed, and in which areas they still need extra practice.

Data Transparency


Parents & kids can be directly involved in the learning process by having a wide range of data right at their fingertips! They can access assignment results, progress reports, and proficiency reports at all times to quickly identify gaps in learning/comprehension.




Kids can discover a new competitive nature and love for learning within themselves by having multiple ways to benchmark their progress and achievements!

ScootPad’s Teacher-Centric and Student-Achievement focus helps parents, teachers, and students:

Adjust teaching and learning methods to achieve concept mastery

Customize the learning path for individual students

Measure overall and individual progress

⇝Make learning fun with real time data and motivational tools

Work together to improve student performance

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

Help Students ACE Standardized Tests!

We’re here to help you make sure your students are fully prepared for end of the year standardized tests. Today we’ll walk you through how easy it is to prepare students using ScootPad’s assessment module (designed after PARCC & SBAC)!

Setup Assessments


You have the flexibility to pick which concepts to test your students on and how many questions they are asked. Assign a single assessment for your whole class, or create customized assessments for individual students. Unlimited and as many times as necessary!

Real-Time Results


Review assessment results in real-time and quickly identify the gaps! You can download results as a PDF and print or share with principals, administrators and parents.

Easily Measure Growth


Compare any two assessments back-to-back to see where your students have improved and where they still struggle.

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

Built for the Common Core

Unlike the traditional learning tools, ScootPad was developed and built strictly for use with the Common Core State Standards (adopted by forty-five states and the District of Columbia). As a result of Common Core, Students will be evaluated on a whole new level which has left some educators unsure of how to properly administer instruction.

Change is never easy, but we believe ScootPad can help ease this transition for all involved, including educators and parents. Scootpad offers valuable supplemental teaching tools to prepare kids for success in the classroom, on standardized tests, and beyond.

Self-Paced Practice


Students can familiarize themselves with the new concepts by completing self-paced Math or ELA/Reading practices! Students can take unlimited number of practices and move along their Common Core aligned learning path at their own pace.


Review Results

Using ScootPad’s assessments, teachers can gain real-time results and immediately tailor their instruction to target areas of weakness. Designed after the new SBAC and PARCC systems, these assessments let students familiarize themselves with and try out the same question types they will see on the state standardized tests.

Response to Intervention


Parents and teachers can get an in depth look into their kid’s performance on specific Common Core concepts by reviewing the advanced reports. These reports provide valuable and timely data that can be used in remediation.

See how teachers all around the world support the Common Core by watching this video. For more information on the CommonCore State Standards, please visit

As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team

NEW Site License available for Schools and Districts

ScootPad released the School and District site licenses so you can take advantage of ScootPad on a larger scale (school or district wide) while getting the most for your money! Today’s post will go over the perks of the new pricing options and how you can help your school/district get started!


School Site License


Schools can receive discounted pricing (starting at 30%) for purchasing a school site license. Use our instant quote generator (Go to and click Pricing) to see the savings for your school!

District Wide License


Districts can now purchase district-wide licenses (discounts starting at 40%) for their schools and enable ScootPad for unlimited number of teachers and classrooms. Use our instant quote generator (Go to and click Pricing) to see the savings for your district!

With these new site licenses, Schools & Districts get:

⇝ Unlimited teachers & classrooms

⇝ All Ultra Premium features (for teachers, students and parents)

Savings with discounts of at least 30% for schools and 40% for districts

Custom pricing plans available based on school and district enrollment

If you have any pricing questions or need a custom price quote, please contact our sales team at 1-888-666-3106 (9am-5pm PST). As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so feel free to send us your ideas, suggestions and comments.

ScootPad Team


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